My name is John Henry McNamara Yonce but I like to go by ‘JH’ and I am a rising senior at Rutgers University New Brunswick. My major is political science and my dream is to someday become a politician of some sort so that I would be able to help people on a large scale.

That is why I am so happy of what I was allowed to do this summer. This Summer I was given the opportunity of becoming a Business Intern at YMCA of the Pines. As someone who is an alumni from both the day camp and the overnight camp this was an enticing idea.

I spent eight summers at Stockwell and two at Ockanickon, so I was entering a familiar environment. When I arrived for my interview I knew I was at the right place. As I entered an environment I hadn’t been in for almost 7 years a wave of nostalgia hit me. I was reminded of all the amazing memories that I made while at camp. I was excited to see how the camp was run behind the scenes as someone who attended camp for so long.

When I started working in the office (Welcome Center) at the YMCA of the Pines my expectations did not disappoint, as I got to see the behind the scenes perspective, but was front row with customer service, assisting parents and members. I thought it was interesting to be able to help manage tasks in the office, I got to help parents with various issues, write captions for social media posts, and help with a variety of other projects. Being able to make camp an enjoyable experience and ensure that everything was made to both the campers and parents liking was a gratifying feeling.

Although this internship may not apply directly to my major in college, it teaches me how to communicate efficiently. I have learned the importance of professionalism, how to act and work in an office environment. I have learned how to remain productive even when busy. This experience has been an educational experience.

It has truly been an enriching process working at YMCA of the Pines, I have been able to hone skills and thrive in my own way. I have nothing but thanks for everyone who works at YMCA of the Pines and could not be happier that I was given this opportunity. EXPLORE. GROW. THRIVE.