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Good Deed Rewarded

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Ellen DeGeneres has once again made sure that good things happen to good people. On the October 18 episode of Ellen, everybody’s favorite talk show host gave 22-year-old Ruby Tuesday server and single mom Sarah Hoidahl a huge surprise: A check for $10,000. Sarah Hoidahl became something of an internet sensation after she bought lunch for two National Guard soldiers at her restaurant in Concord, N.H. “They were looking through the menu and they said they were trying to keep it light. They mentioned the government shutdown, that they were furloughed and not getting paid,” Sarah explained. “I just decided, [...]

From the Kitchen…

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Here’s a tried and true classic recipe that I thought all our bakers out there should have in their files. White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies!!


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Visionista: Noun A woman who knows who she is, where she's going, and guides her tribe of Leading Ladies to the top.

Another seasonal favorite…

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Hello all… A seasonal ingredient that pops up more this time of year, in the Fall and Winter, is sweet potatoes. Here is a delicious Mashed Sweet Potato recipe that is simple and delicious! Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Good Luck Greg McCrohan!

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Greg McCrohan finished up his Ockanickon career this past Sunday working with the Father/Child Weekend. He packed up and left the Ockanickon Nation on Monday for his new home as a Camping Professional at YMCA Camp Jewell in Colebrook, CT, one of the premier YMCA Camps in the Northeast. He has been hired there as their newest Outdoor Specialist! Greg began his years at Ocky in 2004 when he attended Session 3 in Oneida Village. That was the session right after the notorious 1000 Year Storm that destroyed Camp’s dams and left us without lakes for the remainder of 2004 [...]

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