Your Adventure Starts Here!

YMCA of the Pines is a place to enjoy activities, strengthen family ties, bring groups closer together and enjoy the peace and quiet found on our 800-acre wooded camp property. For a day or for a weekend – winter, spring or fall – your group’s experience is sure to be relaxing, fun and memorable.

Whether you are looking for a weekend or weekday retreat, a corporate get-together, a family reunion or are part of a community group or another organization, YMCA of the Pines is the place for you.

Enjoy leisurely hikes and seasonal recreation activities like canoeing, kayaking, athletics, fishing or horseback riding. Try your hand at some of our historical/cultural offerings like apple-cidering, candle-dipping, eco-art, tie-dying or archery. Or challenge your group with team-building and adventure activities, by taking part in group games or trying our giant swing, our vertical play pen or our 50-foot climbing tower.

If your stay includes an evening, enjoy a hayride through the Pines, view the spectacular night sky at our observatory or sing songs and play games around a campfire. (Weather permitting, of course.)

Our beautiful property also offers the perfect backdrop to combine your love of nature with environmental education. Learn about pond ecology, the water cycle and our all-important watersheds. Let our professionally trained staff members guide you as you explore orienteering and outdoor living skills. Brush up on your knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Pine Barrens of South Jersey.

Ah, so many things to do, but magically, you’ll still find time to enjoy the quiet, the stillness, the loveliness of your surroundings. You’ll recharge and be better than ever when you leave here. And you’ll take a little bit of YMCA of the Pines with you when you leave!