Our goal is to help children, teens and families realize their potential and nurture their social-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

To that end, we truly value your feedback to evaluate our efforts to promote lasting personal and social change and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Here's what some of our campers and staffers have to say...

“I know that everyone that has gone to Matolly will get what I am about to say. I think the greatest thing about camp is that it brings out the best in people, I know it does for me. Because in the real world, we all put up massive barriers and try to act tough (or tuff), but as soon as I get to camp, it (the barrier) crumbles. Everyone at camp is so welcoming, friendly, and courageous. We all just really love and support each other. I can’t tell you how many lifelong friends I have made from the 8 years I’ve been here. From the people to the activities, to self-esteem nights, to challenge course, to the two trips I have participated in, camp had helped me to discover who I am at this moment and what kind of person I want to be.”

From a Matollionequay Ranger camper

"From my experience, Stockwell offers the basic "camp" activities such as arts and crafts, swimming, archery, etc., but also so much more. Stockwell is a place where children can be outside all day having fun and where they can truly be themselves. No matter what their interests are, they find common ground among the other campers as well as the enthusiastic staff members. Tribe skits at the end of each week allow campers to express themselves in a unique way that isn't available at other places. Camp teaches people how to better connect with each other and does so in an open, safe environment, which I believe is one of the most important aspects. All the while, Stockwell is a place where every child gets to participate in an awesome camp community that is bigger than any one age group! Our Challenge Course and similar activities provide campers with the opportunity to learn and develop the problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills that are used in everyday life, not just at Stockwell. Camp is a great place to interact and socialize with other children in an organized, but fun setting when for a lot of age groups (especially our older campers) school may not be the easiest place to do that."
"A Stockwell experience is so much more than the basic camp activities that you see on a brochure. It gives you an incredible environment to have fun, be yourself, and learn valuable skills that transcend the borders of camp itself. A Stockwell experience means coming home exhausted at the end of the day, but unbelievably excited to go back and do even more tomorrow. I've met most of my best friends at camp, both as a camper and a staff member, and I'll always be grateful to Stockwell for giving me a place to learn and grow in a non-traditional setting while also having fun!"

-Logan Khelil, Lake Stockwell Camp Counselor

“These girls are the closest family you’ll ever get at camp.”

- From the journal of a Matolly Ranger

“I met some of the best people during my time at Matolly (too many to even begin to name) who have pushed me and inspired me to be the best version of myself that I can possible be. They have comforted me through losses and gains, never judging me, allowing me to be my genuine and whole self.”

- Matolly camper

“Contrary to the low key check-in I expected, all of the counselors remembered me and welcomed me with smiles and hugs. I had not realized what Matolly was until that moment. It is a place filled with warm, caring, good-hearted people who do everything in their power to make every single person they come across feel loved and important.”

- Matolly camper

“I cannot say it enough guys, it is SO worth it!”

- Leader-In-Training

“The program has taught me more self-control, because I’m constantly surrounded by younger children and my actions reflect on them. Camp Ockanickon has given me an opportunity to be a good role model and be thankful for what I have.”

- Leader-In-Training

“The program is making a positive impact on my life because it taught me to push myself past my limits and I exceeded my expectations."

- Ranger GOLD

"I started at camp when I was 8 in 1988. Loved camp so much I became counselor later on. Camp gave me so much that helps me today."

- Former camper

"Greatest camp ever … seriously wish I could go back!"

- Former camper

Here's what some of our parents have to say...

"Although he was only at camp one week, he seems more mature, independent, and confident."

- Parent of camper

My son goes to the sleepaway camp for a couple weeks each summer. We live in Brooklyn and it's perfect for us! 2 hours away from home. Not a "resort" type camp w/ jet skiing etc but just a sweet traditional sleepaway camp. Archery, boating, horseback riding, campfires, etc.
Classic fun! No electronics allowed. The family camp weekends in Labor Day & Memorial Day weekend are fun for our family. The girl's camp across the lake - Matollionequay - is great too!

- Parent of Ockanickon camper, July 2017

"Our daughter is making amazing, life long friends. She is also gaining confidence and trying new things as well as having an AWESOME time all summer!! :)"

- Parent of camper

“My son is at a point where he’s not too sure where he fits in at school. He fits in at camp. He always talks so positive about his experiences every year.It definitely gives him more confidence.”

- Parent of camper

“Camp was able to give him a better understanding that there is a different way to live and all people are different and to accept and embrace that.”

- Parent of camper

"She is so excited each and every day she comes home. She sees herself growing with the camp and being a counselor one day. She has learned new skills, made great friends, eats new food."

- Parent of camper

“My son is usually only interested in video games, after 2 years in camp he is much more active and engaged and even takes more of a leadership role with his friends in encouraging them to be more active.”

- Parent of camper