Quality Before And After School Care in Your Child’s Own School

Based on a program developed by the YMCA, the nation’s largest provider of child care, the School’s Out Program is flexible and affordable. Choose from before- and/or after-care. YMCA of the Pines School’s Out Program provides a safe and fun environment led by active, adult role models who promote positive youth development. Serving children and youth from kindergarten through sixth grade in the child’s own school, the programs provide families with quality, consistent care before and after school hours.

Registration for this year has moved online. Click on the “Register Now” button. If you have registered online for a YMCA of the Pines program at any time in the past, please sign in to your existing account. If your computer access is limited, you may still register using paper. A new registration must be filed for each child attending the School’s Out program, each year, before they can attend the program.

For parents of Medford kindergarten students: the YMCA of the Pines is offering several options to support your child care needs.

  • If your child is registered for AM kindergarten, they may attend before-care at your local school from 7:00 AM to school opening. They may NOT stay through for after-care. If you are able to return them to school at the time the upper grades dismiss, they may register for after-care.
  • If your child is registered for PM kindergarten, they may attend before-care, beginning at 7:00 AM, at our 1303 Stokes Rd location, and the school district will provide bussing to their kindergarten. Your child may also attend after-care at their school following kindergarten dismissal.

For registration for kindergarten students in Medford, please contact our School’s Out Director at becca@ycamp.org or 609-654-8225 x1520.

For those registering after the school year starts, registration must be completed by Wednesday of the week prior to your desired start date.

While online registration is highly preferred, printed registration packets may be delivered by mail, or email to soregistration@ycamp.org (Appropriate payments should accompany the registration.)

Mail or drop it off at our Welcome Center (Main Administrative Office); YMCA of the Pines, 1303 Stokes Road, Medford, NJ 08055, if dropping off after hours, please use mail slot on the door.

The School’s Out experience is based on a set of seven objectives that characterize all YMCA school age programs:

  • Promote positive youth development
  • Develop strong relationships
  • Build strong partnerships with young people, families, schools and communities
  • Create a fun and safe environment
  • Support working families
  • Foster opportunities for learning
  • Have fun

We hold the programs in the following local schools:

Medford School District

  • Allen
  • Chairville
  • Cranberry Pines
  • Kirby’s Mill
  • Taunton Forge

Medford Lakes School District

  • Nokomis
  • Neeta (Students are bused to and from Nokomis)

Shamong School District

  • Indian Mills Elementary School
  • Indian Mills Middle School (Students are bused to Indian Mills Elementary)

Tabernacle School District

  • Tabernacle Elementary School (Students are escorted to Olson Middle School)
  • Olson Middle School

Contact Becca Gutwirth, School’s Out Director at becca@ycamp.org or 609-654-8225 x 1520 with any questions.

School's Out Staff

Our Staff Members Are Professional Role Models!

Our School’s Out staff members are a diverse group of mature and caring individuals who truly love working with children. Before we send any staff member into our School’s Out before- and after-school child care program, they are rigorously interviewed, background-checked, fingerprinted and participate in a thorough orientation which addresses safety, youth development, counseling techniques, bullying resolution and required State of New Jersey policies.

These professional staff members provide children with a positive environment, as well as fun, safe and age-appropriate activities that aim to foster healthy development, new relationships, self-confidence and new skills. Inclusion, sportsmanship and learning to treat others with the six core values (Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Inclusion) are key values that we model for our students.