YMCA of the Pines is led by a dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees.

The Board is charged with ensuring we are financially healthy, mission oriented, and strategically driven.

Lynne Stanwood-Leadbeater

Board Chair

In her professional career, Lynne is a Technical Writer, ASRC Federal (for the Federal Aviation Administration). She currently serves as the Board Secretary; Chair of the Fund Development Committee; Member of the Strategic Planning Committee; and Member of the Master Planning Committee.

Her previous experience at YMCA of the Pines was a camper, seasonal staff member, camper parent and Alumni volunteer.

“It is a privilege for me to be a volunteer for YMCA of the Pines, because I feel strongly about the importance of giving back to an organization that gave so much to me and four generations of my family. My experiences at camp enhanced my life in a profound way, and I would like to play a part in helping others have that same experience.”

Lynne said that the most valuable thing she bring to her position is her passion for the benefits that a camp experience has to offer children and teens, as evidenced by her own camp story. “Professionally, I come with a background and expertise in quality assurance, process improvement, and technical writing for the medical industry and the federal government.”

The most impactful part of camp’s mission, in Lynne’s view, is developing healthy, confident, and community-involved children. “In so doing, we ultimately make the world a better place.”

The current staff at YMCA of the Pines comprises young, bright leaders who bring a modern, diverse view to how summer camp can enhance the lives of children and families in this always-changing world. Most importantly, they understand and value the importance of keeping many of the beloved traditions on which the camp was founded.

Lynne points out that her Grandmother, Lillie Brown, was a counselor at Camp Matollionequay in its inaugural year, 1937. “My extended family has been represented at one of the camps in every decade since.”

Joe Michiels

Board Vice Chair

Joe Michiels became a board member in the Fall of 2017 and has been assisting with the finalization and progression of the Facility Master Plan, as well as being on the Governance, Strategic Planning and the Annual Campaign Committees, and is currently the Board Vice Chair.

“I joined the board to help promote YMCA of the Pines, and facilitate the design, permitting and implementation of the master plan for future improvements – in an effort to enhance current, future and returning camper and visitor experiences,” Joe said.

Joe is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer and Senior Project Manager with BL Companies in New Jersey. A 2003 graduate of Rowan University, Joe has worked throughout South Jersey and the North East on various construction projects, while promoting sustainability through design. In 2009, Joe started working as the Camp Civil Engineer and has been performing design, inspection and permitting for any construction projects that have occurred since. He has also been performing regular inspections, maintenance recommendations and upgrades to both the Stockwell and Andy Daley Dams.

“I have a love of nature, hiking and camping and I try to use that care and knowledge when planning future projects that will enhance the grounds of YMCA of the Pines, and make it so that future campers can enjoy the grounds and learn about sustainability.” he added.

Joe said he was particularly inspired to become involved on the board, because of the benefits provided to the surrounding community through the use of the YMCA of the Pines property and outreach programs.
“As a board member, I’ve learned about the many benefits that YMCA of the Pines provides to the public – things that I had been unaware of,” he said. “Learning about the impact of these programs really opened my eyes as to how critical YMCA of the Pines is to the local community. Furthermore, working on the upgrades that are currently planned makes me excited to see how camp is going to be enhanced for future generations.”

As a child growing up in Medford, Joe said he was fortunate to get to attend camp. Later, he volunteered regularly during high school and college. “The times I spent at Camp helped me grow my love of the outdoors that I have today,” he said. “I was brought back to the property while working as the Camp Engineer on a consulting basis in 2009, performing dam inspections and repair recommendations, building upgrades and improvements to the overall property. My wife has also worked with School’s Out and as a nurse at Stockwell and Matolly, my son Connor is currently a camper. I am thankful that I was given an opportunity to come back to Camp as the engineer, and further my connection here as a Board Member and be able to give back to a place that is so important to me.”

Kristi Howell

Board Secretary

When Kristi Howell joined the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce (BCRCC) as its president and CEO in December 2002, she became only the second executive in its 27-year history. Since then, the Chamber has grown and evolved through her focus on membership, programming, annual budgeting and staffing. Committees now available to BCRCC members as a result of Ms. Howell’s vision include: Women in Business, the Military Relations Council, the Young Professionals Network, Employment Practices, the Hospitality & Tourism Council, and the Healthcare Issues Council.

An active member of the Burlington County community, Kristi serves on numerous boards and committees including YMCA of the Pines, which she joined in 2017. Her most recent board appointments are with the American Cancer Society and the South Jersey Tourism Corporation. She also serves on the following organizations’ boards and committees:

  • River Route Advisory Committee (appointed by Burlington County Board of Freeholders)
  • Burlington County Institute of Technology (BCIT) District Advisory Council
  • BCIT Foundation Board
  • Soul Connect Advisory Board
  • Burlington County Sheriff’s Gang-Prevention Task Force

Ms. Howell is a founding member of Chambers of Commerce United for Business Growth, a statewide coalition of regional and local chambers. She co-chairs the Joint Base Open House Foundation, which raises funds for its Annual Open House & Air Expo at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL). Another commitment in Kristi’s JB MDL portfolio is the Honorary Commander’s Program.

Kristi Howell is a longtime resident of Burlington County (over 30 years). She holds a Bachelor of Arts (in Government and Politics) from Widener University. Prior to joining the BCRCC, Kristi worked with NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman and Acting Governor/NJ Senate President Donald DiFrancesco at the State House in Trenton.

Nicki Bodenstein

Board of Trustee

Nicki Bodenstein of Medford joined the board of YMCA of the Pines in 2017. She is a member of the Human Resources Committee, co-chair of the Opioid Awareness Committee and chair of the Board Component of Annual Campaign.

Asked why she was inspired to join the board, Nicki explained: “The camp had a huge positive impact on my son’s life. I got to see him grow from camper, LIT, CIT, director of Archery, to developing a music program for summer camp. I’m at a point in my life where I would like to give back and I wanted to offer my volunteerism to this wonderful organization.”

Nicki has years of experience in HR and has connections to the medical community. She has lived in Medford for the past 35 years and raised three children in the township. “I love educating the community and I love being a part of offering camp experiences to children who could not afford to do so on their own.”

Nicki said teaching the four core values to as many children as possible is the most important part of camp’s mission. “It makes me proud to provide camp experiences to children who may only have inner city experiences, and I love that camp gives children the opportunity to grow in ways they could not even imagine.”

She said that since joining the board, she’s been very impressed by the passion, creativity and knowledge base of the directors, the CEO, the CVO and the board officials. “Their ingenuity and drive makes the future of camp look bright to me.”

Nicki’s favorite thing about camp is the impact it has had on her son. “Meeting all of his camp friends from working at Lake Stockwell for so many summers has been wonderful,” she said. “Gary Graham, the former CEO, was also my neighbor for many years and I learned a lot about what the camp offered through his friendship.”

Merle Brown

Board of Trustee

Merle Brown of Shamong joined the board in 2018 and also sits on camp’s Governance Board.

As part of her job, she regularly works with non-profits, which is how she learned about the good work at YMCA of the Pines. “My professional life requires me to work with many non-profits across Burlington and Camden counties,” Merle explains. “As I got to know the camp and the staff, I recognized the impact that camp has through its programs on children, teens and families. Many of the other non-profits I work with are touched by this camp through outreach to the community and scholarship programs that allow children to experience camping and the outdoors. I also grew up in the area and camps Ockanickon, Matollionequay and Lake Stockwell are a mainstay in the community. It’s an honor to be a part of the organization.”


Merle is Director of Corporate Giving and Financial Literacy for Beneficial Bank and the Beneficial Foundation. “I have the opportunity to interact and volunteer with non-profits and I believe this provides me with a unique insight and perspective into our community’s changing needs and how other non-profits are responding. I have worked with senior high youth and guided them on mission trips and watched as they step outside their comfort zones and witnessed the growth that always occurs. The Y Camp provides that same experience.”

She believes every camper will experience something that pushes them beyond their fear or their perceived limitations. “Going to camp here provides them a safe and supportive community where they can step out and not be afraid of failing,” she said. “I also know that the year-round programming for children, teens and families is having an enormous impact in our communities.”

Merle is particularly impressed with the dedicated staff of innovative leaders who routinely demonstrate their willingness to change and adapt to the changing needs of the communities we serve. “My fellow board members bring an incredible amount of experience and leadership to the table as well.  And to a person, staff and board members, each one is singly focused on the children, teens and families we serve.”


Asked if she has a favorite camp story, Merle responded: “Well, truth be told, I was not fortunate enough to be able to attend camp as a child here or anywhere for that matter. However, in full disclosure, I did trespass here regularly as a young person and can attest to the camp’s many wonderful attributes!”

Chantal Capodicasa

Board of Trustee

Chantal Capodicasa joined the board of trustees this year. She currently serves as a Board Member for the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce, the NJ State Veterans Chamber of Commerce, the Medford Business Association, and a member Impact South Jersey. She has previously served as a Board Member for the Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce (now part of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce) and the United Way of Greater Mercer County. She has held various roles in different capacities for fundraising as well as chairs of fundraising events.

As a child growing up in CT, she attended a YMCA camp after school program and has wonderful memories of the friendships and the fun had while participating. Now, as a mother of two young boys, they have had fun attending YMCA of the Pines School’s Out program and Lake Stockwell day camp. “I love the beauty of the Pines and the YMCA of the Pines’ commitment to the community and to helping children thrive.”

As a financial professional in the banking industry with sales, lending, budgeting, and cash management experience, as well being a mother of young children and active in the community, Chantal can share views and insights that she hopes will contribute to the growth and sustainability of YMCA of the Pines.

I think the most impactful part of camp’s mission is the mission to foster a caring and inclusive environment, where children can be themselves and grow and thrive in a safe, happy place building self-esteem and confidence.

“During these unusual times, we are primed for positive change. Children are learning to face adversity and manage through difficult times. What we learn from these times will help us in the future, and the recent unfortunate events have inspired and ignited a passion for us to be better and do better.”

Kelley Drummond

Board of Trustee

Kelley Drummond joined the board this year and serves on the Financial Development committee.

“The purpose of the YMCA is to provide “services that help everyone thrive.” The YMCA principles of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, courage and inclusion are the very things that will help our entire community thrive—and the camp gives everyone a chance to get outside, experience nature, make friends, build their confidence and have fun in a safe environment.”

Kelley has worked as a business leader for 25 years, both globally and in roles all across the United States.  With 4 children of her own, she spends her volunteer time focused on organizations that help children.  With a commitment to serve as many children as possible, Kelley knows that her time will be well spent volunteering with the YMCA of the Pines.

“The most impactful part of camp’s mission is helping people become the best version of themselves.  One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is:  “Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.”  I think the YMCA gives people an experience that allows them to know better, which leads to them becoming the best version of themselves they can be.”

“The future of the camp looks bright because the entire board of trustees, camp staff, camp alumni and even current campers all care so deeply about the camp and the camp experience.  Everyone wants to make sure that it will be here for a very long time and continue to evolve in order to provide the best experience for the greatest number of kids.”

I was lucky enough to hear some kids talk about their camp experiences.  They had attended camp on scholarship and their faces glowed when they shared their experiences at camp.  My goal is to make sure that the YMCA of the Pines can continue to serve the community and create as much access as possible for as many kids as possible.  For a very long time.

Bob Egan, Esq.

Board of Trustee

Robert T. Egan serves as a member of the board’s Governance Committee at YMCA of the Pines.

“I truly respect and admire the organization’s mission, and want to be of help as best as I can,” he said.

Bob brings a wealth of experience to the board; he’s an attorney who has for years worked with various non-profits and community service organizations in the Medford area.

“I’m particularly proud that YMCA of the Pines provides outdoor opportunities to disadvantaged children.”

The future of the organization looks bright, Bob said, because of the “solid, dedicated management team.”

Jonathan Moore

Board of Trustee

Jonathan recently joined the board when Gloucester County YMCA (where he served on the board) merged with YMCA of the Pines. He currently serves on the JEDI Committee.

Jonathan is the founder at Create Moore Media. We are visual storytellers who believe creativity has the power to transform human behavior. It’s not about advertising or brand propositions or selling products. It’s about people and purpose. It’s an approach to marketing that serves true human needs, not the other way around. Creativity is the thoughtful representation of ideas to individuals. We discover your why and give it purpose.

Charles Muracco, CPA, CGMA

Board of Trustee

Charlie recently joined the board when Gloucester County YMCA (where he served on the board) merged with YMCA of the Pines. He currently serves on the Finance Committee and Special Events Committee.

Charlie is the CEO of CLM Advisors LLC, located in Sewell NJ. CLM Advisors LLC is a business profitability consulting firm, as an advisor, I help business owners think with the end in mind, challenging them to determine the future outcome of their business. I act as a Fiscal Management GPS, guiding them along the way to their end goals while making decisions based on the accounting data. If you are a business owner who’s accounting is causing more hindrance than help, making decisions blindly, or wearing too many hats, call me, I can help.

Robyn Rusinski

Board of Trustee

Robyn Rusinski is a member of the board of director’s finance committee at YMCA of the Pines.

“I joined the board because I want to use my accounting expertise to help YMCA of the Pines accomplish its mission and goals. I’m a CPA, licensed in New Jersey. I also perform audits, reviews and compilations of many non-profit entities in the area.

Robyn feels that the most impactful part of camp’s mission is helping people become the best version of themselves. “I believe camp creates an environment where children can feel comfortable to be themselves without judgment and can build confidence to help grow into the best people they can be.”

“It’s exciting to be here,” she added. “The future of camp looks bright due to the passionate and dedicated staff led by Mark Dibble and the committed board members. In addition, I’m very excited about the capital expansion plan that will make the campers’ experience even better.”