YMCA of the Pines’ Preschool Partnership with Medford Township Public Schools

YMCA of the Pines is proud to be partnering with the Medford Township Public Schools to provide additional preschool classrooms for eligible Medford three- and four-year-old students for the 2024-2025 school year. Our classrooms will have the same high standards as the classrooms operating within the Medford Schools. Our teachers will meet the same certification requirements, our curriculum will match that of the district, and our students will be eligible for support from district staff as needed for speech, OT, PT, and more. Classes will be held at 15 students and staffed by both a teacher and assistant. Our schedule will also match that of the school district.

If you have questions about the preschool program, please reach out to Becca Gutwirth at becca@ycamp.org or 609-654-8225

2024-2025 YMCA of the Pines Preschool FAQs

2024-2025 Medford Preschool Parent Handbook_