Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children, teens and families!

Thank you to all the individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations for the support provided during 2016.

This list reflects gifts of $100 or more received between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016. It is our intention to recognize each gift that we receive. We apologize for any errors. If we omitted your name or your name is not listed as you would like it to be, please contact Suzette Belz, VP of Development and Major Gifts at 609-654-8225 Ext. 1509 or

$50,000 and above

William G. Rohrer Charitable Foundation

$10,000 – $50,000

Polymer Solutions International, Inc.
Harlon’s Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation
James Slamon
The Wawa Foundation, Inc.
YMCA of the USA

$5,000 – $9,999

Aids Fund
Dr. Joe Bertolino and Bil Leipold
Domenica Foundation Inc.
Dyson Foundation
Michael and Maureen Dzwill
David and Diane Stern
The Beneficial Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Haddonfield Y’s Mens Club
Holman Automotive Group, Inc.
Investors Bank
Juliana Hike Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation
Kristen L. Malmberg Foundation, Inc.
Medford Sunrise Rotary Club
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation
Roma Bank Community Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
Maurice and Julie Weeks III

$1,000 – $2,499

Archer & Greiner P.C
ARI (Automotive Resources International)
David and Nancy Barclay
Bean Family Foundation
Frank Crowley
Jared and Cindy Culotta
Pamela Cyr
Charles and Jane Deal
Gerald and Jeanne Dibble
Mark and Beth Dibble
Robert T. Egan, Esq.
Kenneth and Martha R. Eshelman
First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown
Margaret Francis
Kevin and Sharon Frenia
Stephen Fuller
H & H Purchasing
Holman Frenia Allison, P.C.
Christophe and Jennifer Jaufrett
Lynne and Scott Leadbeater
Liberty Bell Bank
Little Construction Co., Inc.
Little Kicks Corporation
Lourdes Health System
Alan and Laura Mansfield
Lynn McCluskey
Elizabeth and Daniel McCrohan
John McFadden
Medford Lakes Lions Charities, Inc.
David M. Mitchell, Jr.
Brian and Karen Monaghan
NJM Insurance Group
Jason and Gabrielle Ostroski
Jill Pender
Michael and Donna Pohlman
Frank and June Pomilla
Prosthetic Orthotic Solutions International
John and Corrie Rath
Richard and Hillary Rupert
Bill and Kris Stanwood
Bruce and Ivy Strasser
Summerville Custom Homes
The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
The Oscar G. & Elsa S. Meyer Family Foundation
YMCA of Burlington and Camden Counties

$500 – $999

Allen’s Oil and Propane
American Conveyor Systems
John and Diane Baldo
Tyson and Suzette Belz
Bob Meyer Communities, Inc.
Michael and Pam Boyd
Randolph and Susan Bricker
Brown & Brown of Garden City, Inc.
Charity Services Centers PA
Charles and Lynn Culver
Melissa Dimona
Michael and Angela DiVirgilio
Jane French
Thomas and Kathy Gee
Dr. and Mrs. Brian and Elizabeth L. Grimmett
Carl Gross
HAKS Engineers
Harriett’s Oil Services
William and Maureen Henderson
David and Mary Herron
J.S. Braddock Agency
Greg and Carolyn Keresztury
Richard and Vivian Lewis
Kathy Loftus
Jewell Malick
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mason
Arthur and Janet Mee
Chris and Abbe Morris
William and Mary L. Mueller
Keith Murdah
Jane L. Murphy
Murphy’s in The Pines, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Tim O’Connell
Pemberton Farm Associates
Andrea Pietrinferno
Pineland Ventures LLC
PJ Wheelihan Restaurant Group
Radwell International, Inc.
Lucy Reed
Irene Richardson
Safeguard Business Systems
Thomas and Diane Samuel
Barry and Marla Schechter
Sun Vibes Limited Liability Company
William and Barbara Tambussi
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ

$250 – $499

Adler Excavating and Contracting Services LLC
American Express Foundation
Ararat Carpet & Flooring
Bright Funds Foundation
Burlington County Bar Foundation
Carusi Charities
Nicole De Martini
Eastern Solar Glass
John B. Glass
Gary and Bonnie Graham
Erin and Ken Herman
Richard and Dolores Hiles
Hillman’s Bus Service, Inc.
Horizon Keystone Financial
Jennifer Khelil
Nancy Krieger
Barbara Lippincott
Gregory McCrohan
Medford Township Police Officer’s Association
John and Susan Miller
Robert and Joanne Morris
O’Keefe Chiropractic Center, PA
Pitman Bunco Babes
Steve and Colleen Riker
Anna Rossi
Loretta and Keneth Schatz
Jennifer Segelken
Marjorie Sullivan
The Dotolli Family
The Orthodontic Group, PA
The Milton Steele Charitable Fund at The Philadelphia Foundation
Kim Thompson
*C. Richard Wahl
Robert and Yvonne Weiss

$100 – $249

Accurately Controlled Environments, Inc.
Catherine Adams
Peter Adamson
Claudia Aguilar
Phillip Allen
Sandy Allen
Alicia Alston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Angiollilo
Brandon and Julie Ayres
Howard Baldwin
Susan Beckett-Jones
Mary Bello
MaryAnn Birchler
Joe Brod
Burns Honda
Scott Canter
Ruben and Claudia Castro
Michael Clemson
Jaimee Cliver
Community Foundation of NJ
Cromer Family
David DeMeo
Dennis Devery
William and Marcy Di Blasio
Robert Dienna
Karen Emenecker
Exelon Corporation
Danielle Fertitta
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fontaine
Fred R. Morgan & Sons, Inc.
Lynne Gally
Mathew Geursten
Giampetro Family Fund
Morris Gold
Dennis and Stephanie Goloveyko
Elizabeth and David Golub
CJ Green
Boni Guerin
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gutierrez
Gerald and Patricia Haughey
Judy Hawkins
Headwater Village Association
Regina A. Hertzig
Mary Paul Hoisington
Peter Howard
Craig Huber
Joseph and Karen Keresztury, Jr.
James Logar
Robert J. Lomauro
Margaret Madorno
Dr. and Mrs. Kieran Mahan
Fred and Doshia Melroy
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Meyer
Larson/Robert Mick
William and Karen Millison
John Mills
Barbara Haas Minningham
David and Sue Mitchell
Suzan Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moser
John and Dale Natalini
Laurie K. Navin
New Jersey YMCA State Alliance Inc.
Nickolaus Construction Company
Danielle Oliver
Barbara O’Malley
Tom and Maryanne Ostroski
Kristen O’Sullivan
David Otwell and Jeannie Welsh
Lynn Passarella
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pauza
Peter and Laurel Perno
Peter Lumber Co.
Amy Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pillows
Donald Raff
Laura Raguin
Jeffrey and Linda Reuter
Dottie Rodman
Virginia Rosario
Ira Ruben
Betty Saunders
Dave and Kimberly Searles
Honora Schoch
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Smith
Julie Smith
Nancy Sooy
Dolores and Timothy Stevenson
Constance Streitz
Gladwin Tatem
The Haddon Fortnightly
Jennifer Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ellen Weiner
Thomas and Jaclyn Whittle
Paul and Sheila Williams
John and Linda Winkelman
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Winkler
Woolwich Twp. Republican Club
Madeline Zingle