Ellen DeGeneres has once again made sure that good things happen to good people. On the October 18 episode of Ellen, everybody’s favorite talk show host gave 22-year-old Ruby Tuesday server and single mom Sarah Hoidahl a huge surprise: A check for $10,000.


Sarah Hoidahl became something of an internet sensation after she bought lunch for two National Guard soldiers at her restaurant in Concord, N.H. “They were looking through the menu and they said they were trying to keep it light. They mentioned the government shutdown, that they were furloughed and not getting paid,” Sarah explained. “I just decided, ‘I’m going to do something good today, I’m going to buy their lunch for them.’” So, rather than getting a bill, the two women soldiers got a note from Sarah, which went viral after one of them posted it to her Facebook page. Please remember how small, random acts of kindness are actually live changing!