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Get to know Matolly’s Marlana Moore – Parent Liaison for Summer 2019

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If you’re a camper or a parent of a camper who’s been to Camp Matollionequay, you’ve surely met Marlana. She’s an amazing, hard-working, versatile leader, who’s been here practically forever so she knows our organization through and through. And she knows how to get things done!  “Marlana is awesome,” says Camp Matollionequay Director Gab Ostroski. “We’re so fortunate to have her here at camp for another summer season. She’s done just about every job there is to do here – and she has a good understanding of the different age groups and how to work with our campers. This summer, [...]

Food services at YMCA of the Pines

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In the kitchens at YMCA of the Pines, it is our honor to serve delicious meals to customers of all ages who visit us for a wide variety of programs and events. From day campers and overnight campers, to Family Dinner Nights and Family Camp Weekends, to Women’s Wellness retreats or a 5th grade class trip - the types of people and styles of groups we cater to is limitless! We also run cooking classes and workshops and have special visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny! In our kitchens, teamwork is essential and as part of the kitchen staff, [...]

Our feathers are so bright … the story of Camp Bright Feathers

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By Roger Houghkirk, Director of Camp Bright Feathers The Quick History of CBF In the 80’s the world started to deal with a life changing and life destroying disease called HIV/AIDS that would affect millions of lives and families. It made people scared, intolerant, and the fear of the unknown created by myths and misinformation increased the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV and AIDS. Even as we learned more about this disease as time went by, there became a need to support children who were infected and affected by HIV. In the winter of 1992, the YMCA Camp Ockanickon Board [...]

Exciting plans for Matolly 2019! Stay tuned!

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An interview with Gab Ostroski, Director of Camp Matollionequay and April Eyler, Matollionequay Program Coordinator – about the new Emblem Program at Camp Matollionequay Gab and April have been huddled together, working out the details of an exciting new empowerment program. According to Gab, pictured at right, and April, the Camp Matollionequay Emblem Program has been designed to fit into the motto of our girl’s sleepaway camp, “Empowered to be Me.” “We firmly believe in the mission of Camp Matollionequay and YMCA of the Pines, and have created an Emblem Program that enhances this mission, encourages empowerment, and incorporates the [...]

Here’s what inclusion means at YMCA of the Pines

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by Greg Keresztury, Director of Operations (The commentary below was published by the Burlington County Times, Sunday, May 12, 2019 edition). What Inclusion Means at YMCA of the Pines Here at YMCA of the Pines in Medford, we have long been committed to serving people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. Typically this has been through our specialty camps that serve targeted populations, or through our partnerships with social service agencies. However, this is not all that we do. In recent years we have taken larger steps to create more opportunities for campers with diverse-abilities. I want to explore one [...]

We’re keeping you in the loop – with Stockwell Newsletters and Blog

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by Lynn Passarella, Director of Lake Stockwell Day Camp As a mom, I understand the importance of feeling connected to my daughter’s childcare provider. I, too, want to know if Zoe needs a special outfit for a theme day, the snack menu of the week, and so much more. Just like school or your current childcare provider, I want your family to feel connected to Lake Stockwell Day Camp throughout your child’s summer camp experience. No matter what session(s) they are attending, you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the week’s happenings. Starting this summer, all of our newsletters, special [...]

Andy Smith has big plans for YMCA of the Pines!

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by Susan Miller, Director of Marketing & Communications Andy Smith has been our Director of Building and Grounds here for the past year - and he has a long list of projects to keep him (and his great staff) busy throughout our beautiful 800 acres in the Pines! Read on about a recent project that Andy and his team oversaw - a new and improved "Ocky bowl." (And stay tuned ... we'll be tracking the progress of lots of exciting improvement projects here at YMCA of the Pines, and we'll keep sharing the news!)  

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