An interview with Gab Ostroski, Director of Camp Matollionequay and April Eyler, Matollionequay Program Coordinator – about the new Emblem Program at Camp Matollionequay

Gab and April have been huddled together, working out the details of an exciting new empowerment program. According to Gab, pictured at right, and April, the Camp Matollionequay Emblem Program has been designed to fit into the motto of our girl’s sleepaway camp, “Empowered to be Me.”

“We firmly believe in the mission of Camp Matollionequay and YMCA of the Pines, and have created an Emblem Program that enhances this mission, encourages empowerment, and incorporates the six core values of our organization – Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Courage and Inclusion,” Gab explained. “We’re so excited to unveil this new program, which will unfold through the robust, all-encompassing  curriculum during the summer season at camp and with new year-round initiatives, programs and workshops.”

The Camp Matollionequay Emblem program is designed to encourage each individual girl who attends camp in the summer or visits in the off-season to seek their own unique journey and empower themselves to learn new skills, seek risks, gain confidence, be “go-getters” and develop leadership.

“I’m very excited for campers to have something to work towards,” Gab added. “I’m especially excited at some of the life skills that we plan to incorporate into this Emblem Program. This will surely empower the girls to learn things they won’t necessarily learn in school.”

Eventually, Gab said, the Emblem Program will include such skills as changing a tire, developing a resume, balancing a checkbook, negotiating a salary increase.

“The idea of the Emblem Program is empowering our campers to go on their own unique journeys,” explained April. “We’re redefining things that are typically seen as gender norms or stereotypes.”

Gab explained that while Summer 2019 will be the unveiling of the Emblem Program at Matolly, new elements will be added each year. “We’ll be able to develop new ideas,” she said. “That’s the cool part – we’ll be progressing with the campers on their journeys!”