In the kitchens at YMCA of the Pines, it is our honor to serve delicious meals to customers of all ages who visit us for a wide variety of programs and events. From day campers and overnight campers, to Family Dinner Nights and Family Camp Weekends, to Women’s Wellness retreats or a 5th grade class trip – the types of people and styles of groups we cater to is limitless! We also run cooking classes and workshops and have special visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny!

In our kitchens, teamwork is essential and as part of the kitchen staff, we all pitch in to do everything the kitchens need to operate … from brewing the coffee in the morning to turning out the lights at night; we take care of the tasks that are required to offer an enjoyable dining experience to our guests while they are here at camp. We strive to create a clean, safe and pleasant atmosphere with friendly service and an ever-growing menu and options, including alternatives for almost every special diet and allergy under the sun. We make ourselves available to help answer any and all questions to alleviate any stress than can be associated to various food related issues or concerns … or just to talk about recipes, ingredients and techniques we use in preparing your meals!

For more information about daily life in the kitchens at camp and job opportunities … or if you are coming to camp or thinking about sending your child to camp… and have questions about dining here, contact me – Food Service Director, Chef Jason at

Bon Appetite!