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Summer Camp 2022 Blog

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This summer at Camp Matollionequay, we took the time to think about ways in our life that we needed to Explore and Grow, and how to Thrive in those areas. We use what we call our 6 Green Feather Qualities: Ascender, Elder, Spirit, Stargazer, Storm, and Monk. Each of these qualities represent a character value and a way to grow in life. At the beginning of each session, we introduced to the campers the qualities and their importance to camp and life outside of camp. The camper could choose either a quality that they most identify with, or one that [...]

Happy Retirement to Cindy Culotta…The Legend has Retired

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How does an organization say goodbye to a part of its soul? This question may seem saccharine or hyperbolic when used in the context of an individual’s retirement, but I think it is entirely appropriate in this case. Cindy Culotta has worked here for over 23 years. And though our name and her title have both changed in the intervening years, her role did not. During those years she was always our most senior finance employee. But she has also been our cheerleader, our friend, our head of HR (much to her consternation), our most persnickety proofreader (sometimes to our [...]

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