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Camp can be a haven for kids in a tough world

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We check the news feeds on our devices, we're barraged with social media updates, we're tuned in to the 24/7 news cycle in our homes. So many stories are shocking, heartbreaking and frightening. Let's face it: It's a challenge for parents to raise safe, confident and resilient children these days. A summer camp experience can go a long way in helping children find their way in a troubled world. Read on:  

It’s my time to give back – which is why I love camp!

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By Suzette Belz My name is Suzette Belz and I am the VP of Development and Major Gifts at YMCA Camp Ockanickon, Inc. I would like to believe that I am that “Fairy” that is able to find pot of gold everywhere. I am also a wife, a proud mother of two beautiful and strong-minded girls, Isabella (10) and Sofia (4). I am a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend, a coworker, and a human being. I believe in empathy, fairness, respect and inclusion.   I come from a loving family that instilled strong values in me. My mother [...]

A sliver of hope in a scary world

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By MaryAnn Birchler, Director, School’s Out, YMCA Camp Ockanickon On Wednesday night, February 14th, I was able to spend the evening with my husband and three children. Valentine’s Day in my home is filled with red roses, chalky candy hearts with ‘U R Kool’ written on them and innocent Valentine’s spilling out my kids’ backpacks. We made heart-shaped pizzas for dinner and had way too much chocolate for dessert - as it should be. But, my mind was elsewhere. My heart was heavy.  It felt desperate, helpless and afraid. My husband, Brent, walked into the kitchen to give me updates [...]

My camp job led to my Rotary gig!

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by Susan Miller, Director of Marketing & Communications I recently wrote an article about how my job here at camp led to my becoming a Rotarian - and why that matters to me.  Here's a copy of the article, which ran in the Burlington County Times on Feb. 5. I truly hope people will find it enlightening! ---------------------------------------------------------------- How I learned to love Rotary I had no intention of ever joining a Rotary Club. Certainly, I had heard of “Rotary” in my years living and working as a newspaper editor in Medford Township, but – truth be told – I [...]

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