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Musings about summer days at Ocky

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Why Kata McKenna loves her summers in Medford (written when she was 9 years old)....   I love summer because i love to swim at the lake at Camp Ockanickon, or as the locals call it: Ocky! I get excited on hot, sunny summer days, when the air is filled with laughter, shrieking and happiness coming from the camp. I can hear them all the way here at my house. I’m thrilled with the anticipation of going. I put on  my bathing suit, get my towel and I’m ready to go. When I arrive, I see my lifeguard buddies, friends [...]

Traditions Live On — By Suzette Belz, VP of Development

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I joined Camp early in January because I believe in the mission of the organization. I knew that I wanted to work here, but what I didn’t know was the true impact that Camp has on everyone. I grew up in Venezuela and I never got to experience Camp myself. For the past five months, I have been witnessing what Camp has given back to so many. Camp truly shapes the lives of thousands of children; Camp gives children the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive and to discover their potential. Camp for so many is where they met their [...]

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