I joined Camp early in January because I believe in the mission of the organization. I knew that I wanted to work here, but what I didn’t know was the true impact that Camp has on everyone. I grew up in Venezuela and I never got to experience Camp myself. For the past five months, I have been witnessing what Camp has given back to so many.

Camp truly shapes the lives of thousands of children; Camp gives children the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive and to discover their potential. Camp for so many is where they met their best friends, where they became counselors, villages chiefs, directors and even Chief Executive Officers. Camp is where many met their husbands and wives, Camp is so special that people come back to get married here and bring their families back. Camp is the place where memories and legacies are built, where the traditions live on and the impact of Camp transcends generations. Camp is the place that many call home.

Camp turned 110 years this year, and I had the opportunity to meet many of Camp’s children that today are adults during the Alumni weekend. These individuals shared their stories and validated everything that I have been learning about Camp.

I am excited that my daughter Isabella, who is now 8, will be experiencing all of this and more this summer.  My other daughter, Sofia, is only 2, but she will get to experience this wonderful place next year. Here at Camp, we work hard to make sure every child, regardless of means, gets to experience the magic of Camp. We couldn’t do this without the support of many individuals, businesses and foundations — and for that we are thankful. I would like to encourage everyone to consider supporting Camp’s Scholarship Fund, so we can continue providing these opportunities for children for generations to come.

Suzette Belz
VP of Development and Major Gifts