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Session 1

By |2012-06-30T21:00:23-04:00June 30th, 2012|

Even as the years go by and the faces change, character develoment, friendship building, and learning new skills continues to be the foundation that the Camp experience is based on.  This past week, Ockanickon has seen many of its sons assume new responsibilities.  As has always been our tradition, when senior staff move on, someone  steps up to take their place.  With men like Ezra Schwartz, Joe Hurford, Donny Palmer, Dan Rozov, and Rich Rinaldi moving onto the next chapters of their lives and men like James Otwell (Ranger Head) , Rob Rinaldi (Oneida VC), and Brennan Downey (Program Director) accepting new positions at Camp, there have [...]

Ranger Prep

By |2012-06-28T17:37:38-04:00June 28th, 2012|

Three days until session two and the first Ranger trip of the summer! Ranger directors Sam, Meg, James and Paul have been preparing for a fabulous adventure! A lot more goes into the preparation for Rangers than you might think. We have spent the last three weeks organizing this summer's Ranger trips. Between planning meals, sorting packs and supplies, reviewing the trail and river course, and renewing necessary certifications we have been very busy! We have updated the meals we take on the trail and river according to previous campers' feedback. We got rid of unpopular and unhealthy meals and [...]

A little taste of camp so far …

By |2012-06-26T11:16:27-04:00June 26th, 2012|

Over the last couple of days camp transformed into a bustling hub of movement, activity, and laughter. Around every turn there is a group of campers and counselors engaged in the countless programs, activities, and games here at camp. For me, I've been dedicating most of my time to Ockanickon, partly because of my involvement in this summer's newest camp activity, woodworking, but mostly because that is where my heart is. Just in the past few minutes, as our woodworking group walked back from the Ockanickon Nature Cabin we watched the Stockwell Explorers and Matolly Algonquins engaged in both low elements and [...]

… and so it begins.

By |2012-06-24T10:43:18-04:00June 24th, 2012|

Hello all… So here we are. Day one of our Overnight Resident Camps for Boys and Girls. I’m sitting at my desk in the relative quiet… with the exception of whirling exhaust fans and boiling kettles and churning ice machines… and outside… not 40 feet from where i am sitting, the last of our Campers at Ockanickon are checking in at the registration table. This is that “calm before the storm” people always talk about. […]

Ockanickon 5K

By |2012-06-23T16:24:30-04:00June 23rd, 2012|

Over 100 runners showed for the Ockanickon 5K last Friday. This was our 1st night time race held at Camp in our history….so we were all very excited to have such an amazing turnout. A very special thanks to our sponsors; L.E. Roselli’s, New Jersey American Water, Safeguard, and Emergen-C who’s contributions helped us raise more dollars for our Annual Campaign. And of course congrats to our 1st place finisher, Brian Elliott who finished with a time of 20 minutes and 21 seconds. This of course being the 1st Ockanickon 5K means Brian has the course record! We hope to [...]

Just a few more days

By |2012-06-21T17:27:56-04:00June 21st, 2012|

I can't believe it! Staff training will come to an end tomorrow and before we know it, the campers of Lake Stockwell Day will be arriving Monday morning. Although I will be sad to see our training end, I am super excited for our campers to arrive. Our staff has been working hard all week long to learn the ins and outs of their positions, getting to know one another, and of course, learning new songs and games they can teach their campers. Here's to the best summer Lake Stockwell has yet to have!

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

By |2012-06-20T11:10:13-04:00June 20th, 2012|

Recently, as we prepare for the campers to arrive in just a few short days, I have seen a lot of people stepping out of their comfort zones. This summer we have a lot of new staff who were once campers and have come back to be on staff. We have staff from other countries here for the summer to work, and we have one staff member who has never been a camper or a staff member before. It is easy for everyone to stay within their comfort zone and go throughout their day doing just that. Not participating in [...]

Newest Ocky Camper!

By |2012-06-19T08:00:09-04:00June 19th, 2012|

I wanted to take a moment to welcome the newest brave to the Ocky Nation. Mason Benjamin Wilson was born on June 4th at 3:35 pm to my fellow CIT, Ben Wilson. Ben and I spent many summers here at camp winding our way through Assistant Counselor, Counselor, Village Chief, and everything in between. Ben is now an English teacher at Absegami High School and has the opportunity to challenge students every day throughout the school year. I had the pleasure of meeting Mason on Sunday and he already has the makings of a great Ocky camper. Congratulations Ben and [...]

Recipe Rewind…

By |2012-06-17T17:01:19-04:00June 17th, 2012|

Hello all… Since we are busy, busy, busy training our Staff and getting ready for Summer Camp to begin (Yes, Session One starts next SUNDAY!!) I wanted to drop in, pull out a recipe from the archives and give you a quick and easy treat that is sure to impress. I say impress because not too many people know what to do with a Plantain… and if you get this recipe right you’ll teach folks a thing or two about how delicious a plantain can be. Wait… I hear you asking “Chef Jason, what’s a plantain?” Well… in layman’s terms… [...]

Camp is Here!

By |2012-06-17T05:51:39-04:00June 17th, 2012|

I don't know exactly when Summer Camp starts for me.  I first start to feel it in May when some of the seasonal staff start to arrive.  It gets real when the Ad Staff arrive for training (last week).  When all of the staff roll in for General Staff Orientation (3pm today) it is game on!  We had an amazing time over the last week getting the Village Chiefs, Activity Directors, Ranger and CIT/LIT Staff up to speed and preparing Camp for campers.  I expect this week to be just as AWESOME!  Here is a thought of the day by [...]

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