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The Cookie Story

By |2011-04-28T10:03:47-04:00April 28th, 2011|

A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room of a big airport. As she would need to wait many hours, she decided to buy a book to pass the time. She also bought a bag of cookies. She sat down in an armchair in the VIP room to rest and read in peace. Beside the armchair where the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, opened his magazine and started reading. When she took the first cookie, the man took one also. She felt irritated, but said nothing. For each cookie [...]

Camp is moving….to Shamong!

By |2011-04-27T06:35:37-04:00April 27th, 2011|

We are really excited to announce that YMCA Camp Ockanickon will be hosting a "Mini-Camp" in Indian Mills Elementary School this summer! In response to parent requests for an affordable, safe camp run by Camping Professionals, we can wait to start our new "Mini-Camp" - Children must be entering Kindergarten through entering 3rd grade.  This program will be held Tues - Thurs starting on July 5th and ending on July 28th.  Our mini-campers will have the oppurtunity to participate in daily sports, games and arts & crafts and other traditional camp activities!  Check out our website for more information!

A big thank you to Troop 22175

By |2011-04-26T17:00:41-04:00April 26th, 2011|

A big thank you to Troop 22175 for coming out and joining us at camp last weekend An even bigger thank you to Rick and Kayla for giving them such a fulfilling experience. It’s amazing to see how just a touch of camp can make such a huge impact.

A special visitor…

By |2011-04-25T10:54:29-04:00April 25th, 2011|

Hello all!! This Saturday... in case you weren't here to join us... we held our annual Breakfast with the Bunny! Our 2 breakfast seatings were filled to capacity and, despite a little rain and grey skies, a good time was had by all. I would like to thank all the families and friends who came out to join us... and I am especially greatful that everyone was very understanding that, because of the rain, we had to cancelled our Egg Hunt. The Bunny himself took the initiative to make sure all the little ones who came to visit still went home [...]

A Sense of Values

By |2011-04-22T13:38:53-04:00April 22nd, 2011|

Here's a great thought of the Day that reminds me of our housekeeper, Jim Gilday.  Jim is one of the hardest workers I have ever known.  He is responsible for keeping Camp clean and does a bang-up job of it.  He is also the most mission- and values-driven person I have ever met.  He believes in what we do here at Camp so deeply, it is engrained in his personality.  He always has a great story to share about something miraculous he witnessed at Camp, whether it was one person helping out someone else or cormorant diving for fish in [...]

School’s Out @ Camp!

By |2011-04-20T17:41:53-04:00April 20th, 2011|

The weather couldn't have been nicer, the food couldn't have been better, the activities couldn't have been more fun and our friend couldn't have....had more feathers???? This week is out Spring Break Vacation Camp - aka School's Out @ Camp - and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to our friends (both human and feathered) from Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge! Miss Terry and Miss Erin joined us in the bowl for tons of fun and facts about The Hunters of the Sky!

Family Fun Day!

By |2011-04-20T10:58:27-04:00April 20th, 2011|

Sunday, April 17th was Family Fun Day here at camp!  What does that mean?  So much FUN!!!  Camp was opened to the community from 1-4pm for a chance to experience some of our summer programs.  Families that came out were able to particpate in activities such as the climbing wall, archery, canoeing on the lake, candle making and taking a nature hike.  It was great to see so many smiling faces enjoying the camp experience with their families.  Thank you to everyone that came out on Sunday!!! We have one more Family Fun Day coming up on May 7th, so please [...]

Another from the Archives…

By |2011-04-19T18:16:07-04:00April 19th, 2011|

Hello faithful readers... I'm still doing a little Spring Cleaning and I found another tasty gem that I'd like to share with you all again. This recipe was my very first published article from "The Smoke Signal"... Camp's old printed newsletter from "the old days"... before we went all digital!! This entry was from the Fall 2006 edition after my promotion to Food Service Director the previous Spring when Chef Manny left us. I know people LOVE Brownies in all shapes and flavors... some love the edges, some the gooey middle... some with nuts or a fudge icing... some with [...]

Butterflies in Your Tummy

By |2011-04-15T14:43:55-04:00April 15th, 2011|

Does anyone remember how you felt the first time you came to Camp?  I've been reminded of it lately as I interview new staff members.  Part of my description of what a counselor can expect on the first day of a session is the different emotions that campers are feeling.  I use my first time at Camp as the example of the camper who is really excited about coming to Camp, but also has some anxieties about this new experience.  I remember thinking, "Will the other kids like me," and "Will my counselor be nice," and "Am I going to [...]


By |2011-04-13T13:02:29-04:00April 13th, 2011|

PLAY         Determine to energize your work and your life.  CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE!    Make the choice to make your day a great one.  BE THERE.   Discover ways to be present for yourself and your customers.  MAKE THEIR DAY   Choose to make someone’s day, everyday!

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