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Our summer staffers travel far to work at camp

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YMCA of the Pines works with multiple agencies that support the J1 working visa, allowing international staff members to work in the United States. This summer at Lake Stockwell, we have 19 staff members from places all over the globe. Pictured below are our international staff members for this summer. Seeing familiar faces? Camp made such an impact on a few last summer that they returned to camp for another great summer!   Top Row: Hannah G. – Stratford, England / Will H. – Bradford, England / Nathan H. – London, England / Emily G. – Glasgow, Scotland / Brianna [...]

Core values pay off at Lake Stockwell!

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by Lynn Passarella, Director of Lake Stockwell Day Camp Sarah, the leader of our Lenape Group (5th grade), has implemented a great recognition program for her tribe, known as THE DIAMOND DONUT! The Diamond Donut has been created to award the campers for demonstrating the 6 core values of YMCA of the Pines. After each period, a new camper is awarded the donut to wear on their backpack. Campers are able to nominate one another; they determine who should receive it for the following period. Here are a few of our Diamond Donut winners today: Zach Z. for Inclusion: At [...]

A Safari through the land of Lake Stockwell!

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by Jess Dicken Today at Lake Stockwell day camp, our younger campers were able to adventure through our own Stockwell safari! Campers were able to meet many interesting creatures, such as the Gallanoodles, Brontonuggets, Stare-o-dactyl, Sleeposaurus, Buddyraptors, Dodgeapods, and the classic Iwannabeinthewater Rex. Campers were intrigued by the dinosaurs' unique traits and attributes. For instance, our lovely Dodgeapods are a competitive species that solve all of their life problems through the beloved game of dodgeball. Or our Stare-o-dactyl - do they ever blink? The world may never know! Our campers thoroughly enjoyed our first ever tractor ride through the Stockwell safari [...]

Diversity in our camp kitchen

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by Chef Jason Ostroski, Food Service Director Can you think of any other subject on Earth that is a better metaphor to showcase diversity than food? There is an almost infinitely broad spectrum of differences and minute subtle variances in the food of cultures all over the world… country to country … state to state … city to city … all create the broader strokes of diversity. Religious influences, local ingredient availability and even family traditions can create the more subtle differences. You can imagine that every table in the world could have a uniquely diverse arrangement of food and [...]

Ockanickon in the news!

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We're always so happy to share the good news about our programs here at YMCA of the Pines. South Jersey Local News published this story about the new direction at our boys camp - Camp Ockanickon. Read on - and feel free to spread the good word to your friends, family and colleagues.

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