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Diversity in our camp kitchen

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by Chef Jason Ostroski, Food Service Director Can you think of any other subject on Earth that is a better metaphor to showcase diversity than food? There is an almost infinitely broad spectrum of differences and minute subtle variances in the food of cultures all over the world… country to country … state to state … city to city … all create the broader strokes of diversity. Religious influences, local ingredient availability and even family traditions can create the more subtle differences. You can imagine that every table in the world could have a uniquely diverse arrangement of food and [...]

Ockanickon in the news!

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We're always so happy to share the good news about our programs here at YMCA of the Pines. South Jersey Local News published this story about the new direction at our boys camp - Camp Ockanickon. Read on - and feel free to spread the good word to your friends, family and colleagues.