by Jess Dicken

Today at Lake Stockwell day camp, our younger campers were able to adventure through our own Stockwell safari! Campers were able to meet many interesting creatures, such as the Gallanoodles, Brontonuggets, Stare-o-dactyl, Sleeposaurus, Buddyraptors, Dodgeapods, and the classic Iwannabeinthewater Rex. Campers were intrigued by the dinosaurs’ unique traits and attributes. For instance, our lovely Dodgeapods are a competitive species that solve all of their life problems through the beloved game of dodgeball. Or our Stare-o-dactyl – do they ever blink? The world may never know! Our campers thoroughly enjoyed our first ever tractor ride through the Stockwell safari and we are looking forward to continuing our “egggggscelent” week!