YMCA of the Pines works with multiple agencies that support the J1 working visa, allowing international staff members to work in the United States. This summer at Lake Stockwell, we have 19 staff members from places all over the globe. Pictured below are our international staff members for this summer. Seeing familiar faces? Camp made such an impact on a few last summer that they returned to camp for another great summer!


Top Row:

Hannah G. – Stratford, England / Will H. – Bradford, England / Nathan H. – London, England / Emily G. – Glasgow, Scotland / Brianna P. – Adelaide, Australia


Second Row:

Melissa M. – Popayan, Colombia / Anna O. – Szczecein, Poland / Carolina O. – Popayan, Colombia / Victor P. – Belo Horizonte, Brazil / Sarah B. – Belo Horizonte, Brazil / Dominika K. – Poznan, Poland / Clodagh C. – Derry, Ireland / Sarah C. – Fife, Scotland


Bottom Row:

Lauren S. – Sunderland, England / Phoebe S. – Scarborough, England / Libby M. – Kent, England / Georgia M. – Kent, England / Hanz. B, – Scarbroough, England



Not Pictured: Kristina D. (Mandchester, England). Kristina runs our preschool camp. Check tomorrow’s blog for highlights and a special posting on our wonderful preschool camp program for ages 3 and 4.