by Lynn Passarella, Director of Lake Stockwell Day Camp

Sarah, the leader of our Lenape Group (5th grade), has implemented a great recognition program for her tribe, known as THE DIAMOND DONUT! The Diamond Donut has been created to award the campers for demonstrating the 6 core values of YMCA of the Pines. After each period, a new camper is awarded the donut to wear on their backpack. Campers are able to nominate one another; they determine who should receive it for the following period. Here are a few of our Diamond Donut winners today:

Zach Z. for Inclusion: At swimming, Zach created a tag game in the green section for all to play.

Sadie R. for Caring: At team-building, she involved everyone in the games, and reminded her peers to drink water and she motivated all to play the games.

Olivia R. for Courage: At sport court, she was being a team player and encouraging all to win the game.

Keep up the great work, Stockwell campers!