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How a counselor made a difference in the lives of his campers

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by Cate Wobbe, Assistant Director, Lake Stockwell Day Camp I have been a member of the Stockwell family since 2012. In all of this time, I have seen firsthand that part of what makes camp so special is the relationships that people form while they are here. Everyone finds a connection with someone while they are at camp. I especially observe how strong these relationships are during the last few weeks of camp. I see tears as campers say goodbye to their new friends, as staff says goodbye to each other, and as staff members say goodbye to the campers [...]

The things we tell ourselves…

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by Gabrielle Ostroski, Director, Camp Matollionequay “How can I write a blog when I’m not a writer?” I ask myself.  “Who wants to hear what I have to say?”  Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are not good enough.  Which got me thinking …  “Maybe I am a writer. I do have a message to share.”  I have been pondering a lot lately about the things we choose to tell ourselves. Not too long ago, before the summer, my daughter was tasked with learning to tie her shoe laces for school. She had been avoiding this for a while now [...]

Why sleepaway summer camp is important

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There are so many reasons why an overnight summer camp experience is beneficial in the life of a child! Author Michael Thompson even wrote a book about it - Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow. Read this interesting interview to learn about Thompson's insights into the wonders of camp. And don't forget - Early Registration for summer sleepaway camp in 2019 is open. And keep in mind - if you sign up by Oct. 31, you'll  save 5% on camps Ockanickon for boys and Matollionequay for girls.    

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