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Picture of the day…

By |2010-09-21T19:00:11-04:00September 21st, 2010|

Hey folks... In this "Picture of the Day"... I found our wonderful volunteer handyman, Dave Crane (right), repairing a door on the kitchen at the Matollionequay Dining Hall. Our own Maintenance Staff member, Jamie Coker (left) just happened to stop by to check in on Dave and I snapped this picture of them discussing the options to replace the old door sill. Thanks go out to Dave for the much needed work done to a sad, old door!! Be good... Chef Jason

Is summer really gone?

By |2010-09-05T16:27:58-04:00September 5th, 2010|

Hello dear readers... It is Sunday. Two days after the end of our Summer Day Camp program. We are in the middle of our Labor Day Family Camp Weekend... packed to the brim with folks enjoying the beautiful weather and activities here at Camp. As I drove around the property today I saw something shocking!!! The leaves on some of the trees here at Camp have already begun to CHANGE color!! There is no truer sign that summer has passed us by. Keep your eyes and ears open for all of the Fall activities happening out here at The Y. [...]

End of Summer

By |2010-09-03T06:57:40-04:00September 3rd, 2010|

What a WONDERFUL summer! We had a blast swimming, playing and connecting with friends. THANK YOU to all of the campers for being with us...Your endless energy and willingness to play hard made this summer so fun! We hope that you met new people, reconnected with old friends, learned a little and had a fantastic experience with us.  THANK YOU to all of the parents for entrusting us with your children. Also, thanks for dropping off and picking up everday...A dirty, sweaty camper means a good day, right?!  Lastly, THANK YOU to the staff! When I take potential camp families on tours [...]

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