By Susan Miller, Director of Marketing/Communication

Members of the seniors club – otherwise known as the Beacons – from the Lighthouse Tabernacle Church in Lumberton have been coming out to spend a pleasant day at camp every year for almost two decades. On a recent Tuesday in September – weeks after the last of our summer campers had said their goodbyes – the Beacons enjoyed a lovely barbecue lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork and various salads, compliments of our talented chefs, Jason and Kimmie. Vera, the leader of the group, said they call themselves “Beacons” because: “We’re gonna shine!”

On the day of their recent visit, the weather was a bit overcast and rain showers were intermittent. It made no difference; the Beacons had a wonderful time hanging out in the Ocky Dining Hall. They played games, they sang songs, they took in the views, they enjoyed the camaraderie of each other’s company. A few took walks along the trails in between raindrops. Some reminisced about members of their group who are no longer around; others talked about a visit to camp years ago when the weather was unseasonably chilly and the men had such a good time putting logs on the fire to keep everyone warm.

“I love it here,” said a broadly smiling member named Mike, pretty much summing up the experience for the group.

There’s truly a place here at camp for everyone. And we’re all richer for the experience of getting to know one another.