Welcome from the Director of Lake Stockwell Co-Ed Day Camp!

Hello Camper!

Welcome to Lake Stockwell Day Camp! My name is Lynn and I am the Director of our wonderful day camp program. I am so excited to welcome you to our camp this summer! Prepare yourself … this just might be the best summer you’ve ever had!

One of the best things about camp is that we get to play all day long! Our schedule is filled with exciting activities and we even have one period where you get to choose an activity that you want to participate in! Some of my favorite camp activities are swimming, arts and crafts, and land sports. We also have a different theme each week where you can earn points for your team, participate in special events and even dress as your favorite Disney character.

Camp is a magical place where we can be ourselves and also try new things; so don’t be afraid to pick up the bow and arrow at archery for the first time! Another great part about Stockwell is our camp counselors. They will be there to participate in the activities with you and help you when needed. Some of them started out as campers … just like you!

Stockwell is my favorite place to be in the summer. I hope it will be yours, too!

See you this summer!

Lynn Passarella
Lake Stockwell Day Camp Director

lynn@ycamp.org or 609-678-1502

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