April Is Here!

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Last week was very exciting for all of us here at camp. We hosted the Northeast YMCA Outdoor Education Affinity Group Retreat, Spring Break Day Camp, Learn to Climb, the Moorestown Friends School Fourth Grade, and the South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge. We found ourselves in many different settings learning, instructing, and playing. Some things that really flapped my shutters; -          Watching so many campers get to the top of the wall when they thought they couldn’t. -          The exciting new games I learned from my friends at The New York YMCA Camps like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super [...]

South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge 2013

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We are extremely proud and honored to host the 4th Annual South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge This year, 40 teams braved the cold to participate in the SJLEOC, which consists of a 5K trail run, 10 miles of mountain biking, 2 miles of canoe paddling and a final 5K run…over 18 miles with the winning team coming in just under 2 hours. This SJLEOC was developed by Dcpl. Jason Deroian of the Medford Police Department to raise money and awareness in memory of Police Officers killed in the line of duty. In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was [...]

Social butterflies…

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Hello all! A BIG announcement (and a quick reminder)... Camp is now on Instagram!! Follow us there for gorgeous photos all sorts of things going on here at Camp. Our official user name on Instagram is @CampOckanickon. We activated the account last night and already have 15 followers!!Help spread the word!! If you haven't already, don't forget to find us on Facebook... and on Twitter... @ymcaockanickon... for updates, news, notes, pictures, etc... Keep your eyes on all our social media to keep up on everything going on out here in the pines... especially when you are feeling a little "camp-sick". [...]

Breakfast with the Bunny

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Camp was covered with a light blanket of fresh snow less than a week ago. Today we held our annual Breakfast with the Bunny event. I consider this the 'unofficial' start to the summer, because the next couple of weeks, Camp will be filled with more and more children and adults participaint in various events. Thank you to all the families who came out to celebrate with us, the staff at Camp for decorating and serving a delicious breakfast and of course the Bunny!

Seasonal thaw…

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Hello folks… As my title to this post may lead you to think about the weather… it is not about that. I am not a weather man and I have no idea what tomorrow or next week may bring in terms of temperature or precipitation. What I am eluding to is the fact that Camp is right around the corner we are beginning to move out of the winter projects mode and on to busier times ahead leading up to Summer Camp! A mental thaw, so to speak. […]

All Play and No Work …

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Working at camp all year, I have the privilege of saying that I play for a living. Yes, I do spend time in an office, and the work here at camp has a farther reaching and deeper impact than simply being fun. However, fun is the primary vehicle for the impact that we make, and as a result I am evaluated on my ability to have fun. This past week, many of us here at camp attended the American Camping Association Tri-State Camping Conference in Atlantic City. The convention provides three full days of workshops geared to all levels of [...]

Summer Camp Open House

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Please come out and join us at Camp Ockanickon, Camp Matollionequay and Lake Stockwell for our 1st open house of the season. Tours will be leaving from the Ockanickon Dining Hall (Ocky & Stockwell) and the Matollionequay Dining Hall (Matolly) from 1-4pm on Sunday March 24th. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about all the fun and exciting program we have lined up for this summer, meet our summer camp staff and enjoy some delicious s'mores! There is no RSVP needed...just swing on over! All of our open houses are rain or shine…but we always keep our fingers crossed [...]

Camp Kesem

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Nearly three million children live with a parent who has cancer and many more have lost a parent to cancer. This summer, Camp Kesem will provide life-changing summer camp experiences for over 2,000 children by empowering 1,500 college student leaders at 41 chapters across the country. We are proud to announce that YMCA Camp Ockanickon has partnered with the Camp Kesem – Columbia University chapter to provide 50 children whose parents have or have had cancer with a summer camp experience. This experience is provided for children at no cost to individual families and provides children affected by a parent’s [...]

Beef & Ale Fundraiser

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Well...just because St.Patrick's Day is a week before does not mean you cannot come out and celebrate St.Patrick's a week later. Please come out to Camp Ockanickon to support our annual campaign to send more children to camp.


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Philadelphia often feels like the farthest place one can be from camp. With the lack of trees, the tall buildings, and the millions of people that swallow one up; it does not radiate the feeling of a welcoming tight-knit community that one feels out among the trees at camp. “The outside world,” can be a place where we are not as comfortable expressing ourselves in the way we do at camp for fear of negative judgment. However,  for those of us who often lament that we are unable to be our  camp-selves outside of camp, hopefully this story provides encouragement [...]

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