A Unique Opportunity to Build Leadership Skills in a Camp Environment

CIT, Counselor-In-Training Programs at Camp Matollionequay

Age 16, completed 10th grade

The 4 week CIT program is designed to give participants the skills, knowledge and opportunity to experience the role of working with children.  The program helps develop leadership, communication and self-awareness skills through fun and appropriate social activities.  We are looking for candidates who are serious about honing their leadership skills, who are interested in working with children and who aren’t afraid of hard work.

The Counselor in Training program covers:

  • Learning and developing skills on how to be a great camp counselor
  • Hands on counselor training by living in a cabin with campers
  • Learning how to be a great activity specialist in the department of their choosing
  • Shadowing/assisting at an activity area
  • CIT culminating project

Sessions 1, 2 & 3: Sunday, June 23 – Saturday, July 20

Price: $2,595

Red Feather Program

Upon successful completion of the Counselor in Training program, candidates are eligible to be hired at our Day Camp, Lake Stockwell Day Camp, as an Assistant Counselor. Candidates reside at Camp Matollionequay.

In order participate in the Red Feather program, applicants MUST complete their working and hiring papers prior to their arrival at camp.

Red Feather Sample Schedule

Time                            Activity

7:00 am                       Wake up at Camp Matollionequay

7:15 am                       Breakfast at Camp Matollionequay

8:00 am                       Meet on the Stockwell Field for Camper Check-in

8:50 am                       Flag Raising & Morning Announcements

9:00 am                       Village Time

10:00 am                     1st Period Activity

11:00 am                     2nd Period Activity

12:00 pm                     Lunch

1:00 pm                       3rd Period Activity

2:00 pm                       Snack

3:00 pm                       4th Period Activity

4:00 pm                       Camper Check-out

4:30-6:00 pm              Break

6:00 pm                       Dinner at Camp Matollionequay

7:00 pm                       Assist with CHILL at Camp Matollionequay

7:45 pm                       Assist with Evening Program at Camp Matollionequay

9:00 pm                       Candle

10:30 pm                     Lights Out