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Roll Up Your Sleeves

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When you volunteer at Camp Ockanickon, you take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change right in your own neighborhood. For RUYS, our Camp staff develops a task list ranging from jobs that require no specific skills to jobs that require someone with carpentry, plumbing or electrical skills. RUYS is an amazing opportunity for students looking to fulfill community service hours and companies, individuals and families who just want to make a difference and help give back. We look forward to seeing you!

The School Flyer Shore Route

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Every year, we deliver thousands of Summer Camp flyers to schools during the week after Easter Break.  There is one route that I especially enjoy for a few different reasons.  A few years back, we started delivering to some schools down at the Jersey Shore from Absecon to Cape May.  Since we had such amazing weather this week, it made for a beautiful drive with the windows down and the radio cranking.  Summer is almost here!  The other reasons that I love this delivery is that it takes me right near my favorite restaurant and that restaurant is right across [...]

April Is Here!

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Last week was very exciting for all of us here at camp. We hosted the Northeast YMCA Outdoor Education Affinity Group Retreat, Spring Break Day Camp, Learn to Climb, the Moorestown Friends School Fourth Grade, and the South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge. We found ourselves in many different settings learning, instructing, and playing. Some things that really flapped my shutters; -          Watching so many campers get to the top of the wall when they thought they couldn’t. -          The exciting new games I learned from my friends at The New York YMCA Camps like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super [...]

79 Degrees!

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What's the best part of working about 30 seconds from home AND having your office 15 seconds away from the playground....... .......sneaking out of the office and hanging with my favorite girls for a bit :) Hope you're enjoying the beautiful "Camp Weather!"

From the Ocky Kitchen Cookbook…

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Hello dear readers… This week I’m sharing an amazing recipe for my all time favorite cookie… the Coconut Macaroon. There is a place in Atlantic City, New Jersey called James’ Candy that makes my favorite macaroon and while these are slightly different it is a simple recipe that yields a spectacular cookie. I made these delectable treats for Easter this year and got rave reviews from friends and family. As a bonus these cookies are inherently Gluten Free for those of you concerned with gluten wether for allergy or other dietary reasons. Just be sure to check all the ingredients [...]

South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge 2013

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We are extremely proud and honored to host the 4th Annual South Jersey Law Enforcement Outdoor Challenge This year, 40 teams braved the cold to participate in the SJLEOC, which consists of a 5K trail run, 10 miles of mountain biking, 2 miles of canoe paddling and a final 5K run…over 18 miles with the winning team coming in just under 2 hours. This SJLEOC was developed by Dcpl. Jason Deroian of the Medford Police Department to raise money and awareness in memory of Police Officers killed in the line of duty. In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was [...]

Friends for Life

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“I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to! I don't mean to.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings How many of you have been there for a Camp Friend when it mattered most?  How many of you have had a Camp Friend there when it mattered most? Brent Birchler Boys Camp Director

Social butterflies…

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Hello all! A BIG announcement (and a quick reminder)... Camp is now on Instagram!! Follow us there for gorgeous photos all sorts of things going on here at Camp. Our official user name on Instagram is @CampOckanickon. We activated the account last night and already have 15 followers!!Help spread the word!! If you haven't already, don't forget to find us on Facebook... and on Twitter... @ymcaockanickon... for updates, news, notes, pictures, etc... Keep your eyes on all our social media to keep up on everything going on out here in the pines... especially when you are feeling a little "camp-sick". [...]

A thought on summer …

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"Nobody changes at summer camp. They merly find out who they are and become it more." - Wichita (Brad Renfro), Happy Campers

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