A Unique Opportunity to Build Leadership Skills in a Camp Environment

“Camp provides the opportunity for him to be in a diverse atmosphere and interact with many different personalities. It provides him with opportunities that he may not receive otherwise. Hopefully, he is able to take these skills and incorporate them into his daily life.”

- Parent of Ockanickon camper

Leadership Trials A & B (2024 pricing)

Ages: 14 – 15-year-olds


This is a two-week program for ages 14-15 designed to help develop their character and push their potential. The program engages participants in The Twelve Trials – difficult tasks which require them to work in teams, develop skills and overcome challenges.

The tasks include things such as earning skill achievements, planning and executing group service projects, demonstrating growth in character, setting and working towards individual goals, completing a series of relays and puzzles, and more.

Trialists are assessed at the midpoint and end of the session. Assessment means that their leaders will determine which character and performance strengths they have sufficiently demonstrated for which trials. Points are assigned as a team and recorded on the Trial Legend Board. Teams attempt to earn the best score.

Successful trialists should be committed to improving themselves.

Camp Ockanickon Leadership Trials (Campers ages 14 – 15)

  • Leadership Trials A: Session 3: Sunday, July 7 – Saturday, July 20
  • Leadership Trials B: Session 4: Sunday, July 21 – Saturday, August 3

Leadership Trial Pricing:

Tier A: $2250 – Tier B: $1980 – Tier C: $1790

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CIT, Counselor-In-Training

16 year-olds

CIT, Counselor-In-Training Programs for Camp Ockanickon and Camp Matollionequay  (Age 16)

The Counselor-In-Training is a signature rite-of-passage experience for Ockanickon campers.  The key approach of this program is that added responsibility helps to maximize meaning and growth. There are few things your child could be doing this summer that would require more responsibility than learning how to care for, guide, and lead younger campers.

The first week consists of team-building and counseling best practice. The second week includes learning the basics of activity facilitation and instruction and the last two weeks center around “shadowing” counselors and being placed within a cabin team. Throughout, CITs will enjoy debriefs with their CIT Directors and bonding with their CIT “class.”

At the end of the four weeks, CITs should return home a much more responsible version of themselves and with lifelong friendships. After their CIT year, individuals can apply to work at our day camp, Stockwell, and in the evening return to Ockanickon and live onsite. This is called their “Red Feather Year” and serves as a bridge to becoming a senior counselor (18+ years old at our sleepaway camps).

  • Sessions 1, 2 & 3: Sunday, June 23 – Saturday, July 20 CIT A – Price: $2595

Registration is available online. After registering and before attendance, CIT candidates should complete and return the below application as part of their program.

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