Why I Choose to be a BOLD & GOLD Director

By Carol Yard, Wilderness Programs Director at YMCA of the Pines

My Top 3:
• I believe in the transformative power of the wilderness to heal, empower, and connect.
• I believe in the people in charge of BOLD & GOLD, making decisions at a national level. I know each one personally and know them all to be people of integrity and passion.
• I believe in young people—to stand up for what’s right, and for the ability to adapt as they encounter new information and have new experiences.

Other Reasons:
• I get to be outside some of the time.
• I get to train really cool young adults to be instructors.
• I sometimes get awesome swag as a perk of the industry.
• I have autonomy over my schedule (at least during the off-season).
• I get to put my experience to good use but also be stretched in new ways.
• I like being part of the BOLD & GOLD community—it’s something really special where I feel like I belong.