by April Eyler, Matollionequay Program Coordinator

Leadership. That’s a big word. Character. Another big word. At Camp Matollionequay, we instill the core values each and every day through our character and leadership development initiatives. This begins the moment a camper of any age in any village steps foot on camp. It extends to our Leadership Development Program, also known as LIT/CIT. This program introduces, develops, and fosters leadership and character development through observation, discussion, and hands-on experience with campers of all ages and has increasing responsibility throughout three summers. Within this program, the Counselors in Training learn to be high quality, independent individuals and real-world ready.

Leadership Development Level One – CIT I (formerly known as LIT)

This three-week opportunity is for campers entering 10th grade who are ready to build and expand on leadership skills and character development. This program serves as an introduction to what it means to be a camp counselor and covers topics such as: how to be an effective leader, the ages and characteristics of campers, learning through experience, important life skills, the importance of risk-taking in campers, leading campfires, songs, activities and more. This program has a large focus on social responsibility with a service mindset and will include participation in multiple service projects during the entirety of the program.

Leadership Development Level Two – CIT II (formerly known as CIT)

This four-week opportunity for campers entering 11th grade is built for the aspiring sleepaway camp counselor who is looking for further development of leadership, character, and counseling campers. This program includes topics such as: mentoring campers, facilitation of programming, team dynamics, wilderness experience, participation and facilitation of special events, campfires, songs, ceremonies and more. This program includes participation in a GOLD (Girls Outdoor Leadership Development) program, a national Y program involving intentional leadership progression that builds courage, confidence, community awareness, emotional intelligence, and a sense of wonder for the outdoors.

*Pre-requisite: Completion of Leadership Development Level I OR completion of GOLD Wilderness Trip.

Leadership Development Level Three – CIT III – COMING IN 2021!

This NEW program, being offered in 2021 and beyond for campers entering 12th grade, provides opportunities to expand leadership skills while actively mentoring campers. CIT III’s will submit a resume and gain understanding of the interview process at camp, resulting in a mutual decision regarding which sessions to attend. Participants will shadow and observe multiple age groups and programs, and gain hands-on learning experience with support from the CIT Director. This new mentorship program is designed to further develop leadership skills in a supportive environment to be real-world ready.

*Pre-requisite: Completion of Leadership Development Level I OR Completion of GOLD Wilderness Trip AND completion of Leadership Development Level II.


On a personal note, I can’t wait to see each Matollionequay camper develop leadership, courage, character, risk-taking, and more through our Leadership Development Program, and I am counting down the days until the start of summer. See you in 2020!