By Riley Crompton, Summer Photographer at Camp Matollionequay

Matolly is my home and this camp community is my family. I continue to come back every summer because this place and these people mean the world to me. I truly believe that everyone leaves camp a better person than when they arrived. I started coming to camp when I was 10 because my friend’s older sister attended and recommended it. I was the most homesick little Seneca you’ve ever seen, but I knew that if I could work through the homesickness, I would find that camp was very special. With the help of my amazing counselors and cabin-mates, I fell head over heels in love with camp that summer.

(Riley Crompton, center)

Flash forward 10 years and I am spending my third summer as a staff member. I learn something new about myself every summer at camp, and every lesson proves to be more valuable than the last. The friendships I’ve made here are the strongest and deepest friendships a person can make. Thanks to camp, I have friends on almost every continent! I am eternally grateful for this place and these people, especially the campers who make this job the most special in the world. 💚