by Jess Dicken, Lake Stockwell Day Camp

In honor of Disney week, I have written a blog about something that makes our camp a magical place for a lot of campers- and that’s the game of gaga.


One camper described gaga as a game of “intense skill, determination and strategy.” To play gaga, you need a foam ball (it’s better to have a ball you would use in the game of dodgeball – to prevent injury) and a gaga pit. Around camp, we have various designated areas for our campers to play their game. For many campers, gaga is one of their favorite ways to start and end their day- especially because one of our main areas to play is located right next to our check-in/check-out field!


To play the gaga, campers all start around the walls of the pit with either a hand or their back touching the wall. One camper will take the gaga ball and throw it up in the air, allowing the ball to bounce three times before anyone is allowed to touch it. The object of the game is to be the last one standing. To get someone out, campers will hit the ball with their hands and try to have the ball touch another camper’s knee, ankle or foot. Once the ball has touched any of those areas, you are out.


Campers have enjoyed this game for many years, and from the looks of it, will continue to enjoy it for years to come. Games like these are what keep our camp rooted in tradition, and help our campers build magical memories with their friends.