By Jess Dicken, Lake Stockwell Day Camp

It’s no secret that the past couple weeks have been hot and humid. Because of the heat, we have adjusted some of our camp activities to ensure that our campers are staying cool, and having the best experience at Stockwell!

“Land sports” is typically an activity involving games such as various forms of dodgeball, tag, and other events that require running and cardio exercise. To make sure that our campers are enjoying their day-to-day activities, we’ve made sure that the sprinklers are turned on so campers can cool down while having fun.

Other ways that our campers have been staying cool is with cold snacks after lunch and during our snack periods, frequent water breaks, and maximizing their time in the lake.

We recognize that the heat can take a toll on our campers, which is why we go the extra mile to cool camp down as much as we can. The heat isn’t gonna bring us down this week – or any time this summer!