by Jose Colon-Cruz, Program Director at Lake Stockwell

“What do you love most about Lake Stockwell?” Last week, our staff took the time to answer this question. Most people had a tough time answering it because there is a lot to love about Lake Stockwell. Some of our newer staff said they love the people they work with, the campers, and how welcoming the camp is. Our returners had a more difficult time answering as they reflected on years of being at camp.

Gina, a 3rd year staff member said, “The sense of community here. Between staff and the campers, it’s like making a new family.”

Logan, a 7 year staff member, has been with the camp for 16 years in total between time as a camper, CIT, and counselor. He had many years to consider before coming up with an answer, but yet had an immediate answer. “Camp consistently attracts the best people in the world. It’s the only place you can go where everyone is absolutely amazing. Being here is an absolute life-changing experience.”