by Jessica Dicken, Lake Stockwell Day Camp

Our archery director, Kira, has been working extremely hard this week to make sure that our campers are having the best experience possible during Session 3! One of the ways that she has been doing this is by creating a Pokémon atmosphere at her archery range. Our campers have been having a ball trying to hit the Pokéball target, while continuing to build on their archery skills.

Decorating her archery range to coordinate with our theme is just one of the ways Kira goes above and beyond to make sure that our campers are engaged during her activity period. Archery is an activity that is available for our youngest tribes all the way up to our oldest tribes.

Tribes sometimes get the opportunity to participate up to three times a week. Archery is an activity that not many kids get to experience unless they are at a place such as Lake Stockwell Day Camp.

A big shout out to Kira for working hard every week to create a range that’s theme-specific and camper-friendly! Hopefully our campers are able to “hit them all!”