by Lynn Passarella, Director of Lake Stockwell Day Camp

One of my favorite things about Lake Stockwell Day Camp is watching the campers grow into staff members. Out of the 100+ staff members we have here at Stockwell this summer, 34 of them have been campers here at some point in their lives. Whether they were Seneca campers, Explorer campers, or even Counselor-in-Training participants, each of them were part of our day camp program. This summer, there are a few staff members working here for the first time and there are a few staff members who are working here for their 4th summer (plus everything in between).

The experience that they have had here at camp has translated into their desire to provide a great experience to our current campers. It is clear that the staff members want to give the campers the experience they had when they were their age. I so look forward to our campers becoming the staff members of the future!