by Lynn Passarella, Director, Lake Stockwell Day Camp

It’s no secret that we want the very best staff working with our campers each summer. The job market is very competitive this time of year, as summer camps have to compete with internships, sports schedules, vacation plans and so much more. Our society has also embraced the concept of landing a “real job; it’s what so many young people search for after their college days come to an end. But I’m here to tell you -there is nothing more real than being an employee at Lake Stockwell Day Camp. The experience our employees gain is almost indescribable, but I am going to do my best to walk you through it.

I won’t lie to you, working at day camp is probably one of the hardest jobs you will ever have in your life. Some days will be long, some days will be extremely hot, some days it won’t stop raining and some days you are just plain exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to do a lot of fun things like participate in swimming, boating, archery, sports, cooking and more with the campers – but like I said, some days will be tough. But with all of this comes a variety of skills that the internship you applied for may not teach you. Skills like leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, event-planning and public speaking to name a few. And you’ll enhance traits like self-confidence, resilience and perseverance. Best of all, you are going to learn how to work with campers of all ages. By working with our campers, you will learn patience, communication, empathy and creativity.


It is my hope that one day you will consider clearing your summer calendar and applying to work at Lake Stockwell Day Camp. I promise you a summer filled with fun, new friendships, personal growth and the ability to work with children. Check out what some of our day camp staff members have to say about their experience at Lake Stockwell:


“Working at camp is one of the best ways to discover yourself. By the end of the summer you’ll have friends for life and memories that are timeless.” – Emily Bresnan, 5th year at camp.


“Being a camp counselor has given me a sense of confidence in myself that I never would have gained. It has given me opportunities to work with children and prepared me to be a better teacher.” – Jess Dicken, 2nd year at camp.


“You realize not only how much these kids are impacted by your guidance, but by how much you are impacted by them. I’ve learned so much from the children I’ve had in my tribes.” – Joe Weiss, 12th year at camp.


“Being a day camp staff member means seeing children enjoy themselves in the activities we do here at camp. Also, seeing them socialize within a group that they would not usually socialize with.” – Evan Johnson, 2nd year at camp.


“Working at camp was an amazing experience. I felt welcomed and I loved being with the kids and enjoying their happiness and everyone else’s happiness.” – Alexia Shepherd, 2nd year at camp.


“Camp helps each individual realize their potential; you learn not only how to be a better person, but a better leader and a more confident individual. Getting to work in such a supportive environment has forever changed my view of family.” – Eileen Cunha, 11th year at camp.


“Being a camp counselor gave me the skills I needed to be successful in my future. It taught me the importance of patience, leadership and being a part of something much bigger than myself!” – Nicole Schwartz, 4th year at camp.


“Being a camp counselor gave me the confidence to be a leader when I need to be, and it has given me lifelong friends and lessons, as well as how important it is for anyone to experience the joy of day camp.” – Dana Swanson, 2nd year at camp.


“It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see kids you’ve tried your hardest to model strong citizenship for grow into such amazing people. And you get to have fun doing it—what beats that?!” – Matt Horner, 6th year at camp.


“Working at camp gives me the opportunity to help campers make the same memories I did as a camper. There is nothing better than seeing kids go home with the same smile on their faces that I had as a camper.” – Kevin Naddeo, 10th year at camp.


“Some people say that when you’re a counselor, you can change a kid’s life and let them have someone to look up to- but the kids have taught me more than I could ever teach them.” – Gina Maneri, 2nd year at camp.


“I’ve loved working at camp because almost every day I leave upset that the day is over, and come back excited for what the new one will bring. It also never ceases to amaze me each time you can really see the impact you have on the kids, like how some of them will visibly perk up when the see you, even though you haven’t been their counselor for years.” – Danny Naddeo, 10th year at camp.

“There’s no place I’d rather be than Lake Stockwell Day Camp!” – Stephen Moore, 3rd year at camp.

Have I convinced you yet to be part of the Lake Stockwell Day Camp family? If so, please contact me at your convenience. I will be happy to talk with you about the positions we have available and how you can be part of another great summer with us!