Summer camp can be a place of learning and growth because there are many skills a child can learn during their time as a camper. One can learn how to swim, how to boat, and how to cook. You learn about nature, different games at land sports, and how to build a fire or a shelter. These activities can teach basic skills, but they can also teach deeper life skills that can stay with a camper the rest of their life! Here a camp, a camper can learn the deeper life skills of:


At archery, you are learning so much more than how to nock an arrow. After firing to hit the target and missing several times, a camper is asked to keep trying. Once they finally hit that target, they learn the important lesson of not giving up. This lesson is not limited to archery, but can be expanded to any activity at camp. At swimming, campers keep on trying to learn new swimming strokes so they may go up a swimming level. At nature when building a fire, if the wood does not catch the first few times, a camper keeps going until they are able to finally get that fire started. Perseverance is one of the most important lesson a camper can learn and it can carry over to almost every aspect in life. If you fail a test, you don’t give up on the class, you work harder to do better on the next test!

Comfort Zone

At one point or another, every camper is asked to step outside of their comfort zone. It could be in swimming, wherein a camper does not know how to swim. First we ask that they step into the water, and then gradually we teach a camper how to swim. While they have just learned how to swim, they have also just taken a step outside of their comfort zone and learned how to take that first step. Another example would be at the challenge course. A camper may be afraid of heights but step by step, we encourage a camper to climb that rock wall with an entire group cheering them on as they do. Everything at camp is challenge by choice, but camp can allow for a camper to gradually learn how to step outside of their comfort zone. Outside of camp, this skill can lead to a whole world of opportunities! Whether it is joining a club at school or becoming more social, learning to expand one’s comfort zone can be a valuable lesson!


There are many aspects of camp wherein teamwork is necessary. At land sports, you are not just learning how to play capture the flag. You are learning how to form a team with others to accomplish a goal. At the challenge course, you are not just passing another camper on a log or climbing a rock wall. You are learning how to work with others, or that you can rely on others in in order to complete the activity. This lesson can be applied to many other aspects in life. Whether it is working on a group project in school, or being a part of a team in your career, teamwork is an important lesson to learn.



These are not the only lessons a child can learn at camp. They can learn our four core values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. These are four principles we try to instill in every camper! Beyond that, a camper can learn things such as leadership or they can gain the confidence they need. They can learn how to be silly, or they can learn communication skills. Most importantly, a camper can learn to take these lessons with them beyond the camp atmosphere. They can use these lessons at school, in their personal life, or even in their career many years down the road! One thing you will certainly get at camp is a great summer wherein you will make friends and will gain memories, both of which can stay with you a lifetime!

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