Fishing is one of life’s great pastimes and more importantly it teaches us many life lessons, most of the time unbeknownst to the participant. When truly understood, it becomes more than just a hobby or a means to catch dinner. Firstly, fishing teaches us that we need to be patient. Every aspect of life requires some degree of patience, so learning that not every cast delivers a fish at the end of the hook gives us perspective. The things we want don’t always come right away. Sometimes all we need to do is wait until the opportunity presents itself. Fishing also teaches us that if we are going to do something, we need to see it all the way through. A fisher that is unwilling to take a fish off of the hook, will never understand the full beauty of fishing, nor will they be able to continue fishing. Similarly, if we are only willing to take part in a task halfheartedly and without completion, we are destined to never achieve our goals. Thirdly, fishing teaches us to always choose our attitude. Many things in our life are out of our control, however we are always in control of our attitude, and how we react to the hands we are dealt. Even a day without a single bite on the line, is still a day spent on the water. There is always a silver lining, and positive thinking allows for a more fulfilled life. Finally, fishing ensures that we become detail oriented. Every aspect of fishing requires a meticulous amount of detail from the knots that are tied to how the bait or lure is placed on the hook. Carrying this attention to detail into our day to day lives allows us to take pride in what we do, because we know that everything is as it should be. So, the next time you see someone fishing at the Ocky Fishing Hole remember, they aren’t just trying to catch a bass. They are learning important life lessons.