Hello everyone!!

Facebook has been doing a little “house cleaning” and is cracking down on businesses that are still using personal Facebook pages for businesses. Since Camp was a very early adopter of using Facebook… and social media in general… one of our two Facebook pages is still currently a personal page… the other is a proper business page. Our original personal page was created well before Facebook invented the Business Pages and although we did create one of those too, we didn’t want to lose what we had already started originally years before.

It is inevitable that we will be shutting down the non-business page… that is (first name) Camp (last name) Ockanickon… and streamlining everything through our business page… https://www.facebook.com/YMCACamps

We have many, many, friends and followers on both pages and many of you cross over and are present on both… but we don’t want to lose anyone in the transition!!

Our “personal” Facebook page is currently inaccessible by us so we can not post this news there. If we at Camp could ask you… our friends, family and alumni… to help us spread the word to everyone about this by sharing this blog post or tweet we would be grateful. You have the power to get everyone over to the official Camp Ockanickon “business” page… and we here at Camp would be grateful for your support, efforts, clicks and “likes”!!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter too!! Both user names on those sites and apps are @campockanickon.

Thanks for reading and sharing!!

Be good…

Chef Jason