Hello all!!

What started as some of our Kitchen Staff being a little creative and having fun with designs on our morning fruit tray for the campers, has now turned into a little friendly competition between the Ocky Kitchen Staff and the Matolly Kitchen Staff.

Pictured below is an example of what I’m talking about…

fruit fish

That is a fish made out of honeydew and cantaloupe melons with a dried cranberry for an eye. (This tray was from about a week ago and not in the contest.)

So here are the rules and the way the contest will be judged…

#1… The ENTIRE tray must be made of edible fruit. No toothpicks or skewers like you might see in one of those “Edible Arrangements”. Rinds of fruit are acceptable but only if the flesh of the fruit is still attached to it, like a slice of watermelon might have.

#2… It must be 100% fruit… no vegetables or anything else.

And that’s about it. Pretty simple rules.

I took 2 elected team members to a local produce place and gave them a very small budget to buy a few unique items of their choosing for their teams. I also surprised them with a few other items that they can use, aside from out typical selection.

The contest will run from this Tuesday morning’s fruit display until Saturday… having 5 displays done by each team. Those 5 trays will be judged by myself and our 3 other Chefs who will whittle down the entries to one finalist from each team.

Over the coming weekend I will post pictures of the two fruit displays on Facebook and it will be up to YOU… our friends, families, campers and alumni… to vote with “Likes” on which fruit display you like the best. The winning team will get a surprise.

The actual real winners are the campers who are being treated to some really awesome, fun and fully edible fruit trays in the mornings here at Camp!! And I can tell you that the Kitchen Staff themselves are also already winners for participating with such excitement and creativity here each day and hearing the praises for their work from everyone around Camp.

We are keeping all the pictures secret until the weekend so stay tuned!! We can’t wait for you all to see the amazing and fun work our crews are doing!!

Be good…

Chef Jason & Chef Kimmie

P.S… And don’t worry, we’ll probably end up posting ALL the photos of every entry after the contest is over so you can even see the ones we didn’t choose for the finals.