One of my favorite camp traditions is on the first night of summer camp when Matolly girls sing a song that starts, “Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?”  We’ve been getting ready for summer with two weeks of staff training (and months of prepping before that!) and now we’re FINALLY ready to have some fun with our campers.

We’re already halfway through our first session here at overnight camp and we’ve squeezed a lot into three days. Our Matolly photographer, Diana, has been zipping around camp capturing all of the fun program campers have been taking part in.  Below are some pictures of Archery, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Carpet Ball, and Boating.

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In addition to our regular program, girls are having a blast in their Progressive Skills—a one-hour-a-day week-long program that progressively teaches campers how to do something new. Our Session 1 Progressive Skills include Guitar Lessons with the boys, “Reel Girls Fish” in which campers learn how to fish, and Rangerettes in Training which teaches our girls outdoor survival skills.  Camp is also hosting Design Concepts in which campers delve deeper into art concepts and create a piece, Netball- a sport taught by our international staff,  and our camper-run newspaper, The Matolly Inquirer.  Our photographer, Diana, is also running a Photography Skill.

Make sure to ask your camper what she or he has learned during their Progressive Skill and if he or she can show you their new skill.   Skills will change each session.  Our staff is already planning ideas for the next sessions including American Sign Language, Mock Trial, Improv, and Archery.

We’re excited for what is left of 1st Session and the rest of the summer.  All of us at Matollionequay can’t wait to see all of our Matolly girls this summer and hope they’re as “ready for the good times”
as we are!