I am currently working on a feature article about camping that I plan to submit to a couple different camping magazines. The article is about my experience in camping, working with counselors and campers, and my experiences performing improv comedy in college.

​Writing it has afforded me the opportunity to nerd-out and read articles by my favorite comedians. Comedians like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, and Conan O’Brien all have some truly insightful and funny things to say. Whether or not the article gets published is yet to be seen (fingers crossed) but reading words of wisdom from my idols has slapped me across the face with the words to describe why I love being at camp. In order to get better improv you should do it with people who are great at improv. You will naturally rise to the level of your surroundings.

​Camp is a place to surround yourself. Camp surrounds you with people who are great at being people; funny, caring, honest, passionate, compassionate, empathetic people. When I am at camp I want to be a better, kinder, and more productive. Campers and counselors create an environment that buoys you up to the best person you can be. This works so well at camp because not only are the people great, they want you to be great too. In my personal experience at camp I have found that the people here not only pull me up to their level, they launch me far past what I thought I was capable of.

​I love camp.
​-Pat Feehan