After waiting through a long, anticipation-filled year, Color War is right around the corner.  There are only three days until the third annual fight between the reining champions, The Red Team, and the mighty underdogs, The Black Team.  Earlier today, Matolly captains rode in on horseback to deliver their opening speeches, and invite campers to join their teams, not just for this summer, but for every summer after.  Kelsey Henry, Black Team Captain, will keep her title for another year with nothing but victory on her mind  On the Red Team, Aly Brenner, will pass on the torch to the next deserving captain during Friday night’s opening ceremonies. Both teams already have tons of enthusiasm, and the energy is steadily building.  Tomorrow, campers will decide what activity they would like to participate in on Saturday in hopes to bring home the glory for their team.  Events to choose from include: soccer, basketball, pillo-polo, logic, swimming, skit/banner, carpetball, and the hunt.  We cannot wait to unite with Ocky to compete together in the third annual Color War!

-Taylor Knowles and June Freifelder, Algonquin Staff