Man, do I love Summer Camp!!!  It is never easy, but it is always lots of fun!  The staff have been working incredibly hard over the past month to get Camp ready and set up, to get everyone properly trained and prepared, and in recent weeks, to deliver an exceptional Camp experience to our boys.  I have been really pleased with the first 2 weeks of our season.  We were hit by lots of thunderstorms during Session 1 and the start of Session 2, but the time spent in cabins during the storms seemed to be some of the most fun and memorable times of the Session!  The counselors have been running some really creative activities and their engagement with the campers has been exemplary.

Tonight, we are getting ready for our Session 2 Camp Dance at Matolly.  DJ Mikey B (also known as Mohawk Counselor and Nature Director, Mike Brown) will keep things rocking at the Matolly Tennis Courts while our campers and counselors get down!  It should be awesome!

Tomorrow will be our first Special Event of the Summer.  The Matolly Girls will be joining us for our Ocky/Matolly Olympics.  We’ve been hyping it up for the past few days and today, the campers and counselors found out which teams they will be on.  Go Brazil, Japan, Egypt, and Canada!  Our Olympic Opening Ceremonies will be held tonight after the Dance.

I hope all of our campers’ parents are having a relaxing week while their boys are away having a great time and that they are not too “kidsick!”  Our boys are doing really well making friends and building a solid Camp community.  I learned many years ago that when you pick up your son or sons at the end of the session and ask them if they had fun, they’ll say something like, “Yea, I had a great time!  Camp was AWESOME!”  Then you’ll ask them what they did and they’ll reply, “Awww, nuthin’.”  So when you pick them up, here are some things you can ask them about:

What activity did you pick for Progressive Skill?

Tell  me about what you did at _______.  (Fill in the blank with Swimming, Boating, Nature, Creative Arts, Woodcraft, Landsports, Archery, or Challenge Course.  Some campers also chose to do Horseback Riding, Fishing, Drama, Photography, and Air Riflery)

What team were you on for the Olympics?

What was the Dining Hall like during meals?

How was the dance?

What did you do during Cabin Activities?

What did you do for Evening Activities?

How was your Overnight across the lake?

What did you pick during Choice Activities?

Tell me about your counselors.

Tell me about the friends you made.

What are the 4 Core Values?  (the answer is Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.  Some of our younger campers may not remember them all!)

Did you ever have a disagreement with any of your cabin mates?  How did you resolve it?

Did you ever feel homesick?  How did you overcome it?

Did you learn any new skills?

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Were you able to help someone out?

Did you learn any new songs?

What did you like most about Camp?

Brent Birchler

Boys Camp Director