I feel a lot of pressure writing the first blog post of the summer.  I can hear laughter trailing down from the nature cabin as girls try to catch frogs, and more from the nearby waterfront.  It is only the 2nd full day of summer camp since we started on Sunday, but it feels like we’re in the middle of the summer.  Songs are being sung at a rapid, loud pace with more being learned as I write.  First session is one of the most exciting times of the summer for both campers and staff.  Everything is fresh and newly opened, except for the pile of glitter still stuck to an arts and crafts table.

We had a huge dance party in the dining hall with ice cream and cookies during the massive thunderstorm that many of the campers enjoyed.  Although it has been storming on and off, it has not stopped us from having tons of fun!  Arrows continue to be shot at targets, and swim strokes are still gliding through the water.

The potential for this summer is unbelievable.  We here at Camp Matollionequay have started the summer off with an incredible Session One, and we cannot wait for what the rest of the summer has to hold.  Time doesn’t have to move too fast though.  We want to have fun and laugh for as long as we can.

Emily Madison
Camp Matollionequay Oneida Village Chief