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Happy Mother’s Day

By |2013-05-12T20:08:49-04:00May 12th, 2013|

Hello all! I would just like to take a moment out of my busy day, on this very special day, to tell you how blessed I am to have such strong, smart and simply amazing women in my life. Today is Mother's Day... but to me, every day should be Mother's Day. Including my wife, Gabrielle, our very own Matollionequay Girl's Camp Director, there are 9 working mothers on our immediate staff here on the property at YMCA Camp Ockanickon... and a few others working at our School's Out sites. That number also increases as we have more working Moms [...]

Intro to Mountain Biking

By |2013-05-11T11:24:04-04:00May 11th, 2013|

Well...yesterday was the final class for the Intro to Mountain Biking program. This class is part of our Discovery Programs that we have offered this past spring. These programs are designed to introduce kids to some of the various activities we have at Camp. If you are interested in any of our Discovery Programs, please keep an eye out in August for some new and exciting classes!

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

By |2013-05-10T22:05:32-04:00May 10th, 2013|

It is a mother's responsibility to protect her young.  To protect her young, she must keep them close to her.  I would imagine that it goes against many motherly instincts for moms to send their kids off to Camp without them.  Yet they do it anyway.  Moms send their kids to Camp because they know it will be an enriching experience full of fun, adventure, challenge, and friendship.  Thanks to all of the moms (and dads) who give us the gift of Camp, even though they miss us dearly while we are away.  Have a happy Mother's Day Weekend! Brent [...]

An Unusual Visitor to School’s Out

By |2013-05-09T11:56:37-04:00May 9th, 2013|

As the last children were being picked up on Thursday, May 2nd, from the School’s Out program at Indian Mills Elementary, a hummingbird flew into the cafeteria. He was flying back and forth high up in the ceiling grid. With no outside doors, there was no way for him to find his way out. The custodians did not know how to get him out. One suggested sucking him into the vacuum. Ann and I left feeling worried about his fate. When I arrived Friday morning, the hummingbird was still flying around the cafeteria ceiling. When Meredith, one of our School’s [...]

The Pecking Order…

By |2013-05-07T09:21:31-04:00May 7th, 2013|

Late last week Jamie and I were out at the challenge course when a little bit of an ornithological schoolyard fight played out in front of us. The red tailed hawk below had it's eye on a meal somewhere close to a blue jay's newly hatched nest. As the baby blue jays chirped away mom came over and started to let our hawk friend know that these guys were off the menu. A few well placed dives onto the hawks head with it's beak and the hawk got the message - taking off for a meal further down the road.

Summer Time!

By |2013-05-06T06:56:48-04:00May 6th, 2013|

I typically mark the start of summer when the first international staff arrive.  Jason Garrity from New Zealand arrived last night and first timer, Lex Kelly from Australia, arrived early this morning.  Welcome to Lex and welcome back to Jason!  Over the next few weeks, loads of international and American staff will be arriving at Camp to get things set up, to work with groups, to go through various trainings, and to begin forming the 2013 Summer Camp Teams for Ocky, Matolly, and Stockwell.  Before we know it, the campers will be arriving and Camp will be in full swing!  [...]

Our newest addition!

By |2013-05-05T19:52:36-04:00May 5th, 2013|

Hello friends, family, alumni and campers... I am proud to announce the newest addition to our staff here at Camp... our new Assistant Food Service Director, Kimberly Graham. Kimberly... or Kimmie as she is known... has been on staff here at the Camp for a few years now, starting as a counselor at Matollionequay. She has worked for our Schools Out program, Lake Stockwell Day Camp and our Outdoor Recreation program. Kimmie has even helped in the kitchen from time to time when we needed an extra hand! And guess what?! She is actually a trained professional Chef. Kimmie is [...]

Boat Racks

By |2013-05-04T15:59:38-04:00May 4th, 2013|

A huge thanks to the Haddonfield Y's Men for coming out and building some new boat racks for Camp!

The Countdown Begins…NOW!

By |2013-05-02T12:13:44-04:00May 2nd, 2013|

It's that time of year where hiring paperwork is rolling in, staff are visting camp now that college is starting to end, and the final countdown of summer has begun! There is only 54 more days until the first session of Lake Stockwell Day Camp. We still have lots to do and lots to plan before 200+ campers arrive that Monday morning. With a new pre-school program, another village, an indoor sport court, and field trips for our explorers, this is going to be the best summer in Stockwell history! I'm sure ready! Are you?

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