This year will be by 18th year playing softball. Throughout the years, I have been actively involved in the sport from travel teams, high school teams, little leagues, and now, co-ed Sunday leagues. It has also been one of my dreams to coach a team of my own and this year my dream will come true. This spring, I will be coaching my very own softball team for girls ages 9 through 12 at Cherry Hill National Little League. I started playing there when I was 8 years old and continued throughout my softball career until I was 18. I am beyond excited for this opportunity as I will be able to teach girls about the sport I have grown to love as well as teach them the level two skills we always talk about here at camp. Softball has given me many memories that I will always remember: friends, wins and losses, fun, and leadership. I hope that I can give my team the same thing this spring. However what I am most excited about is that Camp Ockanickon will be sponsoring my team! Not only has Camp supported me within the organization but it will be supporting me outside of Lake Stockwell and School’s Out. I can’t think of a better feeling to have than that. Check out my blogs throughout the spring for updates and pictures.

Lynn Passarella

Assistant School’s Out & Lake Stockwell Director